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Green Knight

Green Knight One of the most misunderstood people in the legend of Arthur is Green Knight. Especially compared with Sir Gwen. At first glance, when challenging Arthur's court knight, the green knight appears to be overwhelming. He even said that everyone in the court is very weak, he can not believe this is the famous Arthur's house: "What is this, this is the home of Arthur," The knight said. (Norton, 309) As The Green Knight knows that he will not die because of an ax attack, he suggests playing this game to make the round table knights laugh.

Various legends depicting green knights depict the various roles of green knights. For example, he met "Sir Gawain" with green skin as "Gao Wen Jazz and Green Knight". In "Green Knight" his skin color is green rather than green. Another legend, King of Arthur and the king of Cornwall, appeared to one of Arthur 's knights. Because Green Night is not a real personality, his life features various legends attributed to him. He was given different names in different legends. For example, he plays Bercilak de Hautdesert in "Gao Wen Jazz and Green Knight", but in Green Knight it is called Bredbeddle.

Green Knight is a famous legend of the poetry of King Arthur, especially Sir Gwen, Green Night and Green Knight about the medieval. In the legend of the Middle Ages, Green Night is drawn as one of the most powerful people in Arthur Royal Palace, but in other legends he is not part of the courtroom. Green knight is called green in Gavin Jazz and Green Knight because his skin and clothing are green. Scholars have used various explanations to explain the meaning of this role. Therefore, some people link Celtic mythology characters and his green with devil himself. Many famous writers show great interest in this role, and JR Tolkien called him "the most difficult role to explain"

The character of Sir Gawain and Green Knight 's Green Knight In the most general sense, Green Knight is a story of the story of "Gao Wen Jazz and Green Knight", which is very reliable. It is completely realistically displayed over a certain period of time. Gao Wen was deceived to believe that garter was essentially magical rather than temporarily, but his fears and green knights eliminated pagan thought. Sir Gwen and Green Knight: Parallel scene analysis Anonymous authors of "Gao Wen Jazz and Green Knight" are said to have initially caused temptation and hunting scenes, both of which are effective. There is an important influence. This poem (Benson 57). These two stories are clearly considered complementary. Therefore, juxtaposing seemingly unrelated episodes is a basic feature of the story. story

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