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Arthurian Legend

The legend of King Arthur's Legendary King Arthur has existed for centuries, but our culture today is fascinated by the roundtable, Arthur, Lancelot, Genevill's triangle love. There are many movies and books to read about various views of Arthur's legend. However, it is doubtful whether our culture really understands the legend of King Arthur. Especially in movies, the central idea of ​​literary works may be lost. Compared to Malory's Le Morte d'Arthur, this movie ignores what Arthur's legend teaches.

King Arthur and Round Table knight belong to the legendary book and story of King Arthur. Merlin, Lancelot, Women of the Lake, Arthur King, Excalibur are very important in King Arthur's legend. In this article, I will talk about the sword in the stone in the famous story of King Arthur, Round Table knight, Merlin. A sword on a stone is a book about an adopted child called a wart. He is a royal family and I do not know this. One day, when he was lying in the forest, he found a magician named Merlin. Merlin took Wald to his house and Saar · Ecta, a guardian of Wald, agreed to become a mentor of Vater. Merlin educated him by turning him into another animal. Through each transformation, you experience various forms of power. Each power is part of the way he rules over the king.

In this case, much of Merlin's career is commonly known. Many of the stories about the legend of King Arthur, whether it is a wizard or a prophet, includes a mention to Merlin. As a magician, Merlin made a move like Stonehenge, Utah / Pendragon's camouflage, Arthur's crown (Fletcher 25) with a sword on the stone. As a prophet, Merlin talks about the saxon's failure, Arthur's death, and the man who discovered the Holy Grail ... the times began to live in a single place rather than before they became a nomadic hunter gatherer It was. This new life brings new challenges and new opportunities. In this article I will explain the three Neolithic places, Jericho, Çatal Höyük, and Stonehenge. In addition, each of these sites is important because each site has a new architectural form, and these sites are confused by contemporary historians and archeologists. I start with the oldest one of the three places.

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