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Arthurian Folk Tales

The story of King Arthur is one of many famous folk stories in the history of our literature. These stories include adventure, romance and the pursuit of King Arthur and other round table knights. Most of their pursuit is very specific, just like these swords in a sword, only these particular knights can carry out these duties; Arsar can successfully withdraw Excalibur from the stone It is the only person. In this way the mantra began living as King Arthur (holy word "painting sword", par 3).

William Caxton was the first English version and was published in English including Le Morte d'Arthur (an oral story of a novel's pioneer Arthur's knight) and Jeffrey Joe's. Canterbury Story These are all indicative of the direction of future literature. With the arrival of the news, the process begins, folk threads and legends are gathered in a frame story and then mass-produced. In the Renaissance era, the focus of learning for learning led to many literary works. Petrarch advertised Sonnets as a poetic form; Decameron of Giovanni Boccaccio made romantic prose and poetry; François Rabelais reactivated with Gargantua and Pantagruel; Michel de Montaigne invented this record and recorded I used it to do his life and thought

But before Arthur and his knights became popular (see the legend of King Arthur), the story of the ancient world became pale and helpless. King Arthur's romance overwhelmed the other controversial poems following his great inventor French poet Clementian Trois. As a Swabian knight, poet, love theorist, and Minnesota writer (lyrics of court love), Hartman von Al was the first person to bring King Arthur's new story to Germany. He translated the two romantic stories of elegant medieval German poetry, Chrétien. Erecetheide's Erec (about 1180-85) and Ivin's Iwein (about 1200). Oh, Le Chevalier Aurion. These works create a new structure for the story, compensate for embarrassing behavior, condemn the crime, resist temptation, avoid actions that contribute to tragic failure, and progressive and gradual Make it something. To achieve moral completeness.

The earliest romantic story of King Arthur of France was created by a writer named ChrétiendeTroyes. He wrote five romantic stories, the most interesting of them is, in my opinion, the most interesting is Lion Knight (1176). The most famous is the Cart Order (1180), which shows the relationship between Lancelot and his Queen of Guinness. Subsequently, "Grail Story" (1181) introduces the mission of Perseval and Grail - Cretien himself has never done this work. Almost at the same time, another tradition about the relationship between Night Tristan and his Cornwall Queen Isolde is spreading.

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