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Home Page > Essay Example Library > Essay List > Chretien de Troyes and Mabinogionfrage

Chretien de Troyes and Mabinogionfrage

Mabinogion is a collection of eleven stories from the myths of Wales, stored in two manuscripts, Rhydderch white paper and Hergest Red Book. The story from Mabinogion falls into three categories: the first four stories belong to four branches; the next four are independent stories; the last three are called three romances, and the last three are French Romance was written by Chretien De Troy and it is closely related. Historia Peredur ab Efrawg is a romantic story of Owain's Wales entitled Chief Perceval or Le Conte du Graal, Chwedl Iarlles Y Fynawn, and obviously Yvain, Le Chevalier du Lion, and chw (Welsh story) and important material I am sharing. Gailay

There were many articles about the selfishness of the Lion Knight Ywain of Lion Knight Ywain of Chretien de Troyes, noble men and women, and noble acts. These lofty acts include the help of a knight who comes to the virgin, and in any circumstances, even if fought in battle, they seem to be desperate or not able to stretch. Chretien's love for Ywain also emphasizes the love of loving men and women. Ego selfishness "born like this" is defined as embarrassment of self-interest and indifference to others. . When it exceeds a certain level, self-centeredness is seen by many as a personality disorder. Where are selfish coming from? As time goes on, human beings change over time, or is it characteristic of animals that we can not control? Writer Mark Sandean tells the story of Daniel Suuro in a book titled "Money giving up money". Daniel Suelo

Unfortunately, Chretien de Troyes introduced his most permanent invention to his unfinished work. To be precise, the Holy Grail knows nothing - we have never really said it is "holy" - or where it came from. Like King Fisher and the Holy Grail, the inventor of the Holy Grail gave us a symbol and disappeared. Perceval is the last one of Chretien's five surviving romance. In medieval Europe, the role of the holy grail and the rustic center of this poem is very popular, continuation of an unfinished story (summarized at the end of this version) and Wolfram von Eschenbach to Richard, many imitators Followed. Wagner

As I said earlier, Clementine Detroit never completed the work of the Holy Grail. It is left to other writers trying to complete this story. Soon after the death of Cretien, the two authors began a separate continuation of the romantic writing of Perseval and the Holy Grail. These works are called Grail Continuations. If you want to read one of the Grail Continuations, please continue with the first Grail Continuation of the Gawain adventure story. The second continuation and other continuations are more about the continuation of the Perceval adventure. Please refer to the following section for Grail's alternate account.

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