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Arthurian Literature: The Evolution of Merlin

Arthur's Literature: Merlin's Evolution In the history of literary literature, there are things hidden by other people in fictional people, and various writers of various eras have repeated these people I am writing. King Arthur's literature is a field of novels welcomed by new edition writers and one of the most interesting characters in King Arthur's literature is Merlin, a magician / prophet who helped Arthur early in his reign It is a person. Along with the development of King Arthur's legend, Merlin has evolved from a transcendental druid's role to a more humane magical person.

Merlin is one of the most famous people in King Arthur's myth, and there are many articles and movies about him. Merlin is known for his role in King Arthur and his magical powers crown. However, due to the value and attitudes prevailing in society at the time of writing, the role of Merlin in Arthurian cycle stories varies from author to author. This article outlines the background of Merlin, including his birth and role in the birth of Arlin and other famous stories, and shows how his role changes and why in various stories of the story I will explain.

In the circle of King Erlin 's story the first thing I wrote was Merlin, his role in these stories changed from madman to consultant, magician, and prophet. The role of Merlin in the story cycle depends mainly on the universal values ​​and attitudes of the writing community. Therefore, his actual role is unlike Monmouth's original Jeffrey, Merlin is a powerful and wise magician for the new Hollywood. The version of King Arthur and the knight of the round table, Merlin shows that it is a simple consultant of King Arthur

Marylin Book of Mary Stewart: Crystal Cave sets the legendary background of King Arthur. Hollow Hills contains the majority of Erlin 's life, including his childhood with Merlin as his mentor. The last enchantment dealt with Merlin 's subsequent life and opposed the continuing background of Arthur' s rule. The later book, the evil day, was written in Modred's view later in Arthur's rule and provided an interesting contrast with the first three novels. Rosemary Sutcliffe: Lantern Festival (1959), Sunset Swords (1963), Tristan and Iol (1971); Arthur's Trilogy (2007), King Arthur's Trilogy Qu: Forest Light (1979) Sword and Circle (1981), and comprehensive version of Karan Road (1981), Shining Company (1990), revision of Y Gododdin, Arthur's name

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