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Arthurian Legends Effects on English Society

King Arthur has played a major role in English literature, a way of thinking. Is King Arthur really there? "It does not matter whether Arthur King is there but if King Arthur really exists, but then he lived in time between 600 AD, at 400 AD, which is a turbulent period after Rome's UK withdrawal Well, it is in doubt, because when there is not written written literature, the events that just passed from generation and occur during this period provide insight from the ruins excavated from contemporary archeology , Or folk tales are recorded below.

Campbell was originally a student of medieval English literature, thinking that he will deeply influence the story of King Arthur and Round Table knight. One of his early discoveries is the legend of King Arthur who follows some basic patterns that are shared with legendary American Indian folklore. This discovery believes that he will find a classic monomyth mode, regardless of history and geography, in every cultural mythology, "a thousand men are the faces of one hero", Campbell's first important I got to work.

The phrase "Legend of King Arthur" includes various versions of stories, but nowadays it is mainly Sir William Mallory published by William Caxton in 1485, Arthur King of England (Arthur's death ). Works in the UK. The legend developed from the history of the Kingdom of England, moved to France, Germany, Spain and Portugal, then returned to England and added many new editions until Mallory edited, edited, revised and rewrote prose version in 1469 It was. period

The development of the medieval King Arthur cycle and the "romantic Arthur" function reached a climax with the death of King Arthur, Thomas Mallory was an English work, rewritten as a whole legend in the second half of the 15th century. Mallory's book was originally called "Arthur King" and Royal Table Royal Knight - Arthur King of various previous romance versions, especially the "Wat Gheit cycle", a comprehensive and authoritative collection of stories It looked like it was designed to create. Probably not only because of this, the death of King Arthur was published by William Caxton in 1485 and was one of Britain's earliest printed books, after King Arthur's work is Malloryy derivative .

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