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Clockwork Orange And The Age Of Mechanical Reproduction

The era of clockwork oranges and mechanical reproduction For Walter Benjamin, the decisive feature of modernity is the assembly and production of large-scale merchandise, and the transformation of this production, which is a traditional destruction and this tradition It is an empirical mode of dependence. Traditional destruction means destruction of the original authenticity, but it also destroys the distance between the art and the masses, thereby enabling capitalism to hide and oppose the liberation.

For those who agree with Anthony Burgess' s book, the first raised eyebrows may be the title of this distant novel. Clockworking orange. What is it? Orange clockwork piece? Mechanical fruit? The second guess may be correct. In at least one figurative way, fruits are seen as common organic matter - and people in the sense of books. Burgess himself has defined the meaning of the title. This sentence explains what actually happened to Alex, the protagonist of the novel. He decides "evil" with his own "free will". "He perfectly recognizes his evil and accepts it entirely openly." But he can change his mind, grow and grow tired of his actions. He is a free man who can act according to his own decision. But when he was in jail he was restricted by "full power country" and "deprived of his free will"

The choice and free will is a necessary condition to maintain humanity, whether individual or community, without them, human beings are no longer humans but a kind that is a decisive mechanism like Anthony Burger "Clockwork Orange" is. As a proof of the novel "Wind Clock Orange". The choice between good and evil is a decision that everyone must make throughout their lives to guide their actions and control their future. Regardless of the outcome, this selection element indicates a person's personal ability. Every effort to control or influence this choice between good and evil will in turn control that person's free will and will never be called a human anymore

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