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The Tones The Sun Rising and To His Coy Mistress

The sun rises, the voice of his aunt's hostess, John Dorn (1572-1631), I think that this poem is written from the viewpoint of giving solar energy, but it also strengthens the voice of the king. Power and importance are almost the same as the sun. I am all strong facts of this verse to make him happy because I tend to believe that the poet is appointed or appointed to the king as to write poetry It is considered. I believe this poem and its independent poems will provide different auras to everyone.

Among these two poems, the niece hosted by Marvell and The Don Rising hosted by Donne were used to produce very good results. In "To His Coy Mistress" words are used to win the heart of his lover, so they can fall in love over time, and this is impossible. In "rising sun", this language degrades the sun and is used to express men's feelings for his lover. Both verses seem to argue with several poems. In 'To His Coy Mistress', he and his lover should say love when he can still do it, as a man talks about time and not enough.

Two poetry by Andrew Marvel and his niece and John Donne's "Rising up", "To his niece", "Rising sun" are similar to love. Poetry, they are all metaphysical (metaphysics is not just a matter) written around Shakespeare. The theme of these verses is the same, romance and love for women. But the two poets have different views on these two things. In both verses, "To his niece" is an argument, it is in women. And in "Sunrise" it is related to the sun.

Andrew Marvell's 16th century Carol poem "Give him a niece", analyze his niece Please also tell the reader. Marvel suggested to my aunt lover that time will inevitably grow rapidly and he wishes that she will start a sexual relationship in response to her own desire. Mr. Marvell also advises the reader to act according to his wishes, no longer hesitate, grasp time, live at the end and be outdated.

Andrew Marvell wrote well-designed poems not only for his lover and reader but also for his niece Andrew Marvell. He proposed to my aunt lover that time is inevitably ticking by moment and he (the lecturer) wants her to act according to her own wishes and have sex. Marvel also advises the reader that he / she should act according to their wishes, no longer hesitate and "grab the opportunity" before the time expires. Marvell uses his dramatic image and exaggeration to communicate his message to the reader and his mistress.

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