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New York vs. Willow Springs in Mama Day

Mother's Day New York vs. Willow Springs The calm island wind blew through the sound and the ocean fragrance penetrated the air of Willow Springs. At the same time, in the southern part of Manhattan, thousands of miles away, there is a smell of hot dogs from garbage stores and stalls. These two scenes are key to Gloria Neiller's novel "Mama Day" in 1988, and the freedom and consistency of the island is related to the change in the limits of the city.

Another important environment on Mother's Day is a structured and chaotic world beyond New York City and Willow Spring Bridge. The way and people of Liushuquan are in stark contrast to the natural, quiet and slow life of the island. George, who lives in New York, gave a lot of insight into his life in "all the wonderful space". (P.98) The environment and people in New York are known to George and he finally has a great understanding of the life he has. "I stood there, under an incredible space, I saw how narrow my life is and I said to my mother that I knew New York.The appearance of New York and the United States Busy American life in the city conveys the common stereotypes of big cities, especially large cities like New York City, "New York City is full of liars.Magle, Sri, and God what else Do you know?

Andrew Ellison ENGL 2400 Weaver February 19, 2015 Skeptic on Mother's Day On Mother's Day of Gloria Naylor, George struggled to believe in the magical powers of everything that happened on Willow Springs and the island. George is very skeptical to believe in superstitions. He believes that you first need to understand your beliefs about the future so that you have the power to change it. When he finally went on an annual trip with Cocoa, you began to understand George's superstition view.

Gloria Neir's novel "Mommy Day" is a fascinating relationship between young boys in the city and culturally confused girls, George and Ophelia, and an isolated man's island and an isolated intellectual woman who is completely out of the civilized world I will explore. Simple and supernatural life. She. Ophelia, or Coco, became a connection between the chaotic world and the life of the continent, and the life of Willow Spring, and has linked her to a different identity from culture. The setting of the novel and the unique depiction of time, place, environment are very important for understanding the essence of the novel. In this case, the elements of the environment as a whole are the most important to the novel, establishing the basis for several different perspectives and "reality" against the important character of Naylor.

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