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Home Page > Essay Example Library > Essay List > Should There Be A Law Against Paparazzi?

Should There Be A Law Against Paparazzi?

How to make a law against the use of a telephoto lens and a parabolic listening device How to create a new crime that claims a photographer and punishes those who persuade it, paparazzi is also known as a stalk latch for celebrities. It is one. Whether there should be laws to condemn such acts. Is there a strict law prohibiting the news photographer (paparazzi) from pursuing people who do not want to take pictures?

Since there is no strict law to protect celebrities from paparazzi, paparazzi thinks the privacy of celebrity children's invasion is okay. What happens when paparazzi are interested in these celebrity children? I have seen pictures of celebrity children's magazines, but I have never thought of how these parents violate paparazzi's privacy. On a pink blog I read, she picked up a paparazzi and a new parent, Casey (her husband), I decided to contribute a personal photograph of our willow tree to the charity organization in full . "She started blogging," Pursuing our car, "" sitting outside the house all day, "and so on. It is a person who should be able to protect the privacy of the child.

Because privacy infringement is intentional and should be banned by law it is not ethical. You can post photos of people only if you are licensed. Otherwise, the paparazzi needs to be fined. When secret photographers post bad photos and add shameful articles, they sometimes ruin private life. In this case, celebrities must sue reporters infringing their privacy. That said, some people say that the reputation of bad reputation is still both fame and fortune. Due to the work of the paparazzi, people who do not know may be popular. But they still need to decide whether this sacrifice is reasonable or not. In other words, if a public official against privacy violations, his / her wish should be protected by law.

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