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The Science of Sound

Introduction Sound is a compression wave caused by object vibration. Waves can propagate as transverse waves or compression waves according to the relationship between energy movement and motion of the medium, transverse waves when the medium moves at right angles to energy, and compression waves when moving in the same direction as energy . . Figure 1 - Transverse wave and compression wave Sound map 2 quality - transverse wave, mark.

Sound and auditory science We process the sounds of rooms and buildings, sounds, instruments, sounds of electronic equipment. Sound is caused by vibration, transmitted as pressure fluctuation through the sound source to the air, and then to the tympanic membrane of the listener. The faster the vibration (or "frequency"), the higher the pitch. The larger the amplitude of vibration, the larger the sound. Most musical tones contain not only regular vibrations of a specific frequency, but also vibrations of various multiples of that frequency. The frequency of C in the middle is 256 cycles per second (or Hertz, Hz abbreviated), but when you hear the middle C, the sound component vibrates at 512 Hz, 768 Hz, etc (see Harmonics). The presence and relative strength of these overtones determines the quality of the sound. For example, different quality

To provide you a fast science of music lessons ... sounds are caused by vibration. Sound is energy transferred away from the source of vibration. When the vibration moves at a rate of 432 Hz per second it creates the natural tone of note A. This is said to be mathematically consistent with nature and the universe. A great composer produced music based on natural oscillation of A = 432, such as Mozart, Verdi, Beethoven. Some marketers recommend backlogs (write some things in advance and schedule them in weeks or months). I like this. When I do not have time to write so many things at once, I have at least one plan for the themes and ideas I want to solve. This only requires me to arrange for some time for me

Human society depends more on sound scientific decision than ever. The structure of modern life - its food, water, safety, employment, energy, transport - are mainly combined through science and technology, technology and tools. However, applying technology to improve the quality of life itself creates problems that require technical solutions. Examples include the accumulation of greenhouse gases (thus global warming), the use of artificial fertilizers (water pollution), nuclear power generation (radioactive waste), automobile transportation (highway death, urban expansion, air pollution) Yes. (National Academy of Sciences, 2005, page 34)

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