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The Importance of Color

What is the best color for the art gallery wall? There may not be "correct" answers, but many people have their own opinion. Speaking of the dark-colored wall, Jack said, "These colors may be comfortable, but distort the cognition of the audience's painting. Some gray or white images are best.Color is neutral It is faithful to the background. "(Boddy-Evans). The color of the wall may be influenced by the work being displayed, but its color may also affect the mood of the audience, and as a result their perception of the work changes.

The importance of the color of "Great Gatsby Fitzgerald" lies in literature, which is often intended to select different letter colors to express the character's personality. Designed by The Great Gatsby's F. Scott Fitzgerald, the colors are green, yellow / gold, gray and are used to represent attributes of colored people and places. Clearly, green is the most prominent color in the novel. It may be because the color of the main character of the novel, Jay Gatsby, is represented in green.

Color is a powerful force that passes over to the hands of designers. It attracts your eyes, evokes emotions, and conveys meaning. In a widely quoted study entitled "Influence of Color in Marketing" to give an idea of ​​the importance of color, researchers found that 90% of people for a product quickly make decisions about products I found out that. Color base only

There are many factors to consider when deciding which color to choose for your product and marketing. For example, the audience culture you attract will greatly change your color choice. It is important to study the designation of colors in the individual culture you are attracting. For example, red on the west means danger, love, and energy, while the East represents prosperity, happiness, and wedding ceremonies. In South Africa, red is subject to mourning. For sex, men prefer bold colors, according to surveys, women like soft colors. Normally men like their favorite color, but women are white. Instead, men tend to prefer shades of tones to add black

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