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Exile From Self

Love sometimes reluctantly, at other times it is expelled from being full of light. It is learned in countless ways; it is modified, and changes hobbyists and completely removes them from what was previously accessible and familiar. What is puzzled is that love changed his conscience and made his own decision. It is a promoter of his own expulsion and is fully integrated in the chrysanthemum fragrance of D. H. Lawrence and the aura character life of Carlos Fuentes, but sometimes it is a confrontational way.

Exile will be expelled from the house or given as form of punishment. Asylum leads to loneliness; let people have time to think about themselves. B. All the main roles of "Gilgamesh Epic", storm, "plummet" are all expelled for their actions. C. (Thesis) - The protagonists Gilgamesh, Prospero, Okonkwo have exile experience to keep them away from home, but they are harmful but their experiences ... did not cause disagreement of opponents People's influence At Chinmu Achebe, Mr Brown, the first missionary of Umuofia, is kind and respectful. It is not that Pastor James Smith is not so, but his goodwill and degree of respect exists at a completely different level. They all want to bring lost people and Umuofia people who are not in the church. Mr. Brown makes friends with his family, "Gently shine his faith" (p. 178), and Mr. Smith tells them what things are like.

In his wonderful prosody thought, Edward Said expresses asylum as "an unseparable rift between one person and one indigenous people, between one and a true family". Well, my so-called cultural exile can be explained as the lack of this "real home". This is the state of dislocation, lost direction and turbulence. But it is also a condition of dedication, hope, and opportunity. What can you do when you can not leave but can not come back? Hisham Matar's question to himself at a special meditative moment of the memoir captures the essence of the cultural exile's dilemma.

Sadly it is wasted in our society. They are turning over to the face, so they will not witness my pain. When friends and family leave, they are exiled by silence. Because this general experience was not recognized, it exiled. As soon as anyone else felt our feelings, we sat immediately in isolated detention. - Stephanie Ericsson's husband Marty died of sudden illness at the age of 39. The virus pretends to be a cardiac cell and guides his leukocytes to take their own heart cells for each cell until once powerful muscle is useless. Viruses that make him random and latent sick attack the people of all ages

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