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Automobile Ads Analysis - Hummer H3 V8

Creative concept: I like the creative perspective of the brand. As a brand with very emotional capital, it is often used to make a simple but influential simple advertisement. It is visually very powerful advertisement. I like the light balance I am using. Especially for goods. I am strongly faced with boldness, face to face, and fame. The title is very creative and the order is respected. If I put myself in their TA shoes, I definitely would like to test the drive for more information or check the website.

Lesson 4: We all went to the same market. A few years ago, I was waiting in line to measure the tire with a vulcanizer, but he patiently waited patiently to complete a person driving an "adult" customer, the H3 Hummer SUV. Now it is valuable whether this is Hummer, Rang rover Sport, or my Honda Civic. The person who repairs it is a vulcanizer at the roadside

In 2006 Hummer H3 commercial, two men stood at the super checkout counter. The first person saw the purchase of tofu and vegetables, and the person behind him put a lot of raw beef and charcoal on the belt. After the first man saw the food of other men, the camera cut the cover of the magazine with Hummer. Vegetarian leaves the store and goes directly to Hammer dealer. When he drove a new car, the word "recovery balance" was superimposed on the bites of his biting carrot. Food is irrelevant to the product, but propaganda uses meat and meat connections to advertise its products as a symbol of manhood.

Automotive and commercial experts have different opinions on the concept of GM H2 Hummer. Small Hummer SUV which is invisible like Hammer, H1 Hammer and among all engine parts is more general than SUV, Steering Wheel and other parts are shared with GM SUV considered Hammer exit. AM General can categorize based on previously asked questions, but some of them are useful but need to be done with specific priorities. The nature of the market and the weather are factors that may influence Hummer's turnover, as we think we must first consider the geographical issues of income. Demography is another problem in market segmentation. Because most consumers are men and have a certain age.

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