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Migraines: That Ache In Your Head

Migraine: Have you ever had a headache in your heart? Terrible pain that may not disappear may be a headache, but other types of headaches may occur on one side of the head. And it can also cause nausea and sensitivity to light, sound or smell. The accompanying migraine is also a halo, which in any case can be visually impaired, blinking or temporarily losing vision. (1) Because migraine is a neurological disorder, migraine is different from headache.

Back then, when I woke up, I warned me of an imminent headache of imminent migraine. Most of it will not be a migraine but it is the same as waiting for hours to see the killer's movements stop, just like waiting for the ax to fall on you. Between upsetting and migraine, I do not think that this should be life. At that time I wanted to meet the oldest friend in the world and said that losing the family was expressing condolences, but I knew that I could not handle things correctly. I am mentally helpless, even if I sit on the other side of the table it means real empathy. Forget your sympathy. Even if external sad power enters my thought and body space, I do not feel that any external force should be in my life.

Suddenly, my life has been very nervous in a few weeks. I decided to put it back soon. Who do you think decided to lift the ugly head again? My migraine and stomach pain! I just want to vomit because my stomach hurts terribly this time. Fortunately, I do not have much time. Of course, that is also New Year's Eve ... Wow amazing fun! Then my light bulb is on again! I am not having these problems forever ... but I am also very happy and stress free. Suddenly my life became crazy and nervous, and they came back as they never left. At that time, I realized how we were thinking and let the outside world influence us as we influence us.

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