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Home Page > Essay Example Library > Essay List > Dehumanization of Children and Death in Perfume: the Story of a Murderer

Dehumanization of Children and Death in Perfume: the Story of a Murderer

German writer Patrick Skinss wrote "The story of perfume: The story of a murderer" in 1986 and announced the novel in France in the 18th century. Süskind makes children lose their human nature to eliminate death. He accomplishes this concept by using aspects that tend to foster children's beliefs and opinions. Through the children, they are influenced by religion, abuse, self-esteem, and other children. Every aspect is reflected in the life and perfume of the child, inhuman acts are related to these factors, and ultimately lead to sensitivity to death.

Patrick Suskind's novel "Perfume: The Murderer's Story" focuses on characters with a very sensitive olfaction. Therefore, there are many examples of images using explanations of odor in the novel. This excerpt has come from the beginning of the novel, and Suskind established a common smell in Paris in the 18th century. Using these scents as a background, the reader can better understand the importance of the hero's skill as a perfumer. The reader needs to imagine the smell of the age of this novel and will no longer attack us everyday.

The fragrance may be most famous in literature (eg, exaggerated and detailed description of Patrick Suskind's "perfume: murderer's story" or Marcel Proust's sensory memory and experience). However, in the art world, it may be most interesting to see the fragrance in the context of music. Smells and music promote emotions and images, not necessarily representative ones. In other words, there is no clear and clear image of things. In "Natural History of Sense", Diane Ackerman interviewed Sophia Grojsman, the scent evaluator of International Flavors & Fragrances (indeed, New Reality Co. and IFF were closely involved in the fragrance of Tree). Grojsman says, "Perfumes are closely related to music, there will be a simple perfume consisting of two or three products, a simple perfume, it's like a band of two or three bands, It became a modern and big orchestra. "

As a perfume brand, we can not deny our passion for perfume. It is a story of a murderer. The German thriller led by Tom Tickwell involves a Jean-Baptist journey, an audience of a poor French boys born with a superhuman olfaction. Jean-Baptiste is dedicated to creating perfect fragrances and is fascinated by the richness and originality of each fragrance in the fragrance composition. He lost himself in the process of seeking perfection and led him to the darkness of perfumery art. The plot focuses on the beauty and specialty of each scent and shows the power of perfume in a very dramatic light. The dark romantic essence of the movie makes your eyes charming and releases your desire for a fragrant journey.

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