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Relationship between Mechanical Reproduction, Art and Culture

Criticism of Marxists focuses on production methods that produce class differences and oppression. As Marxist schools believe that everything in society is based on current production methods, class conflicts are reflected in various forms of art. Changing production methods will change politics, law, philosophy, religion, art. Max Horkheimer, Theodor W. Adorno, Walter Benjamin are the three most famous Marxist critics. They wrote about the production of cultural subjects in the capitalist society and agreed that the reproduction of art experienced tremendous change for mechanization.

The art of machine reproduction (1935, seiner technischen Reproduzierbarkeit of Das Kunstwerk im Zeitalter) suggests that by author Walter Benjamin, the aura of a work of art is mechanically duplicated and devalued. The theme and theme of this article had a great influence on art history, architectural theory, cultural research and media theory. During the German Nazi regime (1933 - 45), Benjamin wrote an essay on creating an artistic theory that "will serve revolutionary demands in the development of artistic politics in popular culture". In times of lack of tradition and ritual value, the creation of art is essentially based on political practice.

Criticism of the Frankfurt School's cultural industry is not without internal objections. In the "art of the era of mechanical reproduction" (1969), Benjamin thinks that the cultural industry in the early 20th century is more active and it helps to destroy the "halo" that surrounds the higher work I believed it. Art makes enjoyment of democratization aesthetics. Now, more people can learn to understand the various art forms provided by new media technology, making the cultural industry a potential progressive force for social change. In the case of Benjamin, the mechanical reproduction of art changed the public's reaction to art.

Analysis of the art in the mechanical reproduction era leads to these insights with serious insight, so we must treat these relationships fairly. The copied artwork is a work of art designed with reproducibility in mind. For example, you can create as many photos as you like from photo negatives, but it does not make sense to require "real" prints. However, as the authenticity standard no longer applies to artworks, the overall function of art is reversed. It is not based on rituals, but it is based on different practices - politics

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