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Home Page > Essay Example Library > Essay List > Profit and Compassion: How They Affect Relationships in The Great Gatsby

Profit and Compassion: How They Affect Relationships in The Great Gatsby

Please imagine walking in a crowded street in New York, surrounded by people who think they do not mind paying dreamers and hats and giving out money. There is no doubt that Scott Fitzgerald wrote his novel "The Great Gatsby" in 10 years and was awarded "Roaring Twenties". Roar twenties). There is a clear comparison between sympathy and profit themes throughout the novel. Concern of compassion, compassion, fear of others' suffering and misfortune are similar to profits and economic benefits.

Relationship is important in F. Scott Fitzgerald 's novel "The Great Gatsby". They can be between lovers, friends, and family. Although the novel shows these, there are also wrong types of relationships such as people with such affair. Because people build human relationships, they try to unite in difficult times and good times, not alone. In each relationship, there are various situations that affect the outcome of the relationship and success. One of the main relationships of this novel is between Tom and Daisy. Even if they get married, they do not have the best relationship. Daisy fell in love with Gatsby five years ago, but when she left, she met Tom and got married. She is superficial ... show more

When I started reading "The Great Gatsby", I first did not know anything about Gatsby and Daisy like Nick's narrator. Together with him, we gradually began to reveal this story in a way that seemed like a real investigation of the detective. At first, we saw an eccentric millionaires, Jay Gatsby, who is holding an incredible rally everyday. But it seems like an average relationship between wealth. A few years ago, a young veteran of the First World War, Jay Gatsby, a hero of a war without pennies in his pocket, just returned home to learn his beloved daisy, and he I left to fulfill my duties. I decided not to wait for him. Despite her love, Daisy pays more attention to luxury, comfort, and social position, not feelings.

The relationship between Daisy and Gatsby is completely imbalanced. Both sides have unequal love (Gatsby seems to prefer him and Daisy, not Daisy). It is also difficult for us to decipher the relationship between ourselves. Because we are not daisy, we know more about his past and his inner life. Therefore, it is difficult to criticize Daisy not choosing Gatsby Tom - as a real, meat and blood man, she could not achieve the rosy memory of Gatsby, and everything she represents . Furthermore, in Chapter 6 briefly introducing the world of Gatsby, she seems to be unhappy. "She was shocked by the western egg of Broadway's unprecedented birth in the fishing village of Long Island, whose original livelihood was due to the unexpected sudden destiny in ancient euphemism and short-lived It was shocking due to the excessive impact of the inhabitants.

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