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Pediatric and Adult Migraines

Many children of adults and adults are surprised to find that their children have migraine. This is one of the diseases related only to adults. Migraine is a severe, severe headache, and nausea does not occur often. Headaches begin on both sides of the eyes, forehead or head. Bright light and noisy noise also aggravate headaches, and any movements can make headaches worse. In severe cases, migraine lasts from several hours to several days (1). Every year over 8 million children are suffering from migraine, resulting in more than 1 million children dying.

Who has migraine? Migraine headaches occur in children and adults, but adult women have three times the impact of men. There is evidence that migraine is hereditary and most migraine patients have a family history of this disease. They also occur frequently for other sick people. Depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, sleep disorders and epilepsy are more common in migraine patients than in general population. Migraine patients - patients with premigraine symptoms, especially referred to as precursors - slight increase in the risk of stroke

Sleep plays an important role in migraine. Migraine in the elderly is sometimes caused by sleep changes; regulating sleep can reduce the incidence of migraine. Young migraine patients often report remission of migraine after sleep. Researchers are investigating the use of the drug Ramelteon, approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of insomnia to reduce the amount of migraine in 12 weeks. Headache is the most common symptom after closed head injury, and 60% of patients may last more than 2 months. Unfortunately, people with chronic post-traumatic headaches also suffer from cognitive and behavioral problems, and many of the drugs currently used to treat headaches can adversely affect cognition .

Headaches are common in children. As children grow, headaches beginning early in life can develop into migraine. Migraine headache in children and adolescents can be a stressful headache anytime. Infants frequently experience migraine headaches on both sides of the head, headaches usually persist less than 2 hours compared to adults with migraine. Before and during the episode, children are pale and worried, they may get angry. During headache, other children may become nausea, anorexia or pain in other parts of the body.

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