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Pathogenesis of Menstural Migraines

During pregnancy, estrogen levels are lowered during pregnancy, and pregnant women are decreasing. This fluctuation is related to migraine, and in a study, about 80% of 47 women without migraine with aura reported no migraine attacks in the late pregnancy (24). Migraine is rare during the first semester, but migraine attacks resume after birth. When a woman enters the menopause, estrogen levels decrease and migraine attacks decrease. Of 556 natural menopausal women, only 14% (76 people) reported headaches (29).

Menstruation - related migraines may affect women at that time, but most women with menstruation - related migraines suffer migraine at other times of the month. Symptoms include migraine without aura (common in menstruation compared to migraine), pulsating pain on one side of the head, nausea, vomiting, and increased susceptibility to sound and light. Migraine without headache is characterized by visual impairment or other aura symptoms, nausea, vomiting and constipation, but has no headache. Headache experts suggest that fever, dizziness, and / or unexplained pain in some parts of the body may also be a headache type migraine headache

Migraine pain involves visual acuity change, hearing, exercise. Young women are more prone to migraine than females in their 30s. There is only one special kind of migraine that reduces the safety of the pill and it is called a precursor of migraine. "Hello" means change in vision, hearing or exercise. Women with migraine with or without migraine sometimes think that oral contraceptives can not be used, but nurses says they can use oral contraceptives. Selling medicine from the back of the counter, if there is such a difference in opinion means that the pharmacist can provide guidance. Pharmacists help people safely take medications, they can check women's blood pressure to help identify different types of migraine. According to a survey in Seattle, women prefer to receive medicines directly from pharmacists, and pharmacists prefer to be able to provide medicines. But there is a problem: Since the zero insurance company agrees to pay the pharmacist's time, the women need to pay the pharmacy consultation fee.

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