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Symbolism in Fuentes' Aura

On the surface, Fuentes aura is a very strange and eerie book. It attracts you, leaves you there, and forces you to read books to the very end. Under the surface brought a deeper understanding of what symbolism, text, and parallel worlds had happened with this fascinating story. You can create rich symbols by scooping the surface of the story, but repeating symbols is very important. One of the most common symbols in this story is the darkness of the ancient colonial mansion of Senora Consuelo.

Carlos Fuentes 's "Aura" is a story about a young scholar who fell in love with a widow' s niece and then discovered his true relationship with the two women. This book is an example of magical realism; almost everything in a book is on the boundary between reality and magic. It may be very difficult to distinguish between reality and fantasy. Fuentes searches for life and death, reality and magic and mixes. Young historian Felipe Montero accepts memoir of General Laurent. His old widow Consuelo wanted to publish a book about his later husband. In a widow 's house, Philip met her young and beautiful green eyes' niece. His progressive discovery of his enthusiasm for Aura and the true relationship between a young woman and her aunt seemed even as amazing and even wonderful. When Montero hugged her, Reiki became an old lady Consuelo

Since the story written by Carlos Fuentes, a master of Storytelling, has only 160 pages, it brings out an unforgettable, powerful and dreamy atmosphere. At the center of the story is the young historian Felipe Montero who fell in love with the title when editing the memoir of her uncle. Reiki is one of the most famous examples of the second person's novel. Felipe's role is called "you" by the narrator and suggests that the reader is a person in the story.

In 1993, with the Nobel Prize, her novels are full of African American culture: myths, symbols, festivals and the names she gave to the character. Sura (1973) is the second novel by Tony Morrison in Medallion, Ohio. As far as her explanation of Sura, this novel attracts a lot of attention. Slara, the hero of this novel of the same name, is different from other heroines. She is different.

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