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God of the Black Hole

Everything starts from the end of everything. That is where I want to be. From the beginning I will learn everything and understand how everything is made. When you see it, it approaches all the surroundings and becomes zero. It looks like a hole in the universe. Everything that is sucked loses its color. Therefore, there is no color in this hole. It is only your thinking that you can hear. Just like your brain is spreading in space.

Part 1 of the 4 part series series on black holes. In this section we define what a black hole is and go back to the beginning of the black hole study and show how physicists can agree on the presence of these strange objects. Part 2 explains the role of the black hole in the galaxy and how the invisible object will be the brightest in the universe. In Part 3, we will explain how astronomers use the most complex observatory to observe black holes. Part 4 enters a strange aspect of black hole science: how these objects challenge our basic physics theory

Astrophysicist Jedidah Isler is studying a black hole with excessive mass and overactivity. These objects waste material at a thousand times faster than the average super mass black hole. They draw material through an accretion disk rotating around a black hole and then eject it through an ejector moving at 99.99% light speed. When these jets point to the earth, we call them Super Mass, Overactive Black Hole, which produces their Mars or hot quasars. Isler is trying to understand the direction and location of the highest energy light generated by the injector and how this energy is transmitted through the Milky Way

LIGO's black hole is twelve times the mass of the sun. However, astronomers believe that super mass black holes must also collide. That is how the universe forms the biggest quality black hole. However, the gravitational wave generated by the super mass black hole pair has a wavelength that is too large to be seen in LIGO. I returned to the radio telescope. Astronomers recognize that gravitational waves can affect the very fast rotating core of pulsar pulses. Pulsar is one of the most accurate watches in the universe. Pulsar can deliver radio waves because radio waves that emit radio waves arrive as expected. Using a pulsar pair that separates the light of many years in the Milky Way, radio astronomers can look for signs of gravitational waves that affect pulses.

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