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Revolutionary Work of Art

In his article, Walter Benjamin changed the "art of the era of technological reproducibility", the technique used to make art, the way it receives and emphasized its "halo". Reiki represents the originality and authenticity of art works that are not reproduced. The Vatican's Sistine Chapel is a work that becomes an artistic beacon. It brings benefits and inspiration to the art of painting, and it has an irreplaceable typical aura.

In recent years, coding has become a technology comparable to reading and writing from the viewpoint of importance. Let's think about it. Reading and writing techniques can produce revolutionary art work, but coding is also true. Software to run your mobile phone and computer, an application that helps you kill time and streamline work - is a product of code. Knowing how dialog code can provide an overview of many different programming languages ​​for future programmers and how they collaborate to build great ones. They also outline the various components of syntax (symbols and words for a particular language) and programming, so they know how to build good software.

Please tell us about the exhibition on Friday. Last Friday, my classmates and I went to the National Art Gallery. The exhibition "Red Atlantis" is dedicated to Soviet art. With the work of Soviet artists, you can see the revolutionary past, the image of the people of the Soviet Union, the people, and events of the Great Patriotic War.

Last Friday, I joined the Red Atlantis exhibition with my classmates. This exhibition is dedicated to Soviet art and is located in the National Museum of Norgni Novgorod. There are pictures of life, revolutionary history, people's image of Soviet, civil war, events of Great Patriotic War, times of thawing and reform. The Soviet era of our history is very difficult, but it is very interesting. There is much debate about that. Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages in this period. I decided to select three art works that produce the strongest positive effect and three art works that gave the strongest negative impact.

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