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Faulkner's Rose For Emily is a Portrait Of The Post War South

William Faulkner's "A Rose for Emily" is probably his most famous and selected short story. Since the moment it was first published in 1930, the story was criticized and analyzed by published critics and causal readers. Harold Bloom, a well-known literary critic and author, said that this story is very attractive because Faulkner uses literary techniques such as 'complicated expression with persuasive expression and plot' I believe that. Through his creative ability to use these techniques, he can incorporate funny stories full of symbolism, contrast and moral value.

William Faulkner's "Emily's Rose", William Faulkner's "Emily's Rose", a small town story after the civil warfare focuses on strange and tragic events of Miss Emily Grissen's life. At first glance, Emily seems to be a lonely woman, but her confidence and inferiority feel seems to be derived from her father's growth. Her father seems to have received some sort of abuse, she seems to be living such a protected life.

Interpretation of William Faulkner's "Roses for Emily" William Faulkner tells the tragic story of a highly protected woman in short story "Rose for Emily". This is a tragic story, Miss Emily hopelessly lost hope and dream of ordinary life. William Faulkner just wrote a sad story that may be related to someone who has hope and desire but there is conflict between themselves and others, I can not be satisfied too ... - Emily wrote a rose in William Faulkner's short story "A Rose for Emily", but Emily lacks social skills, expertise, bitterness, and Emily rejected adaptation to the present Respectively. Emily showed the lack of her social skills when she tried to call her, in a short story "rose for Emily", and she refused to see them . Emily is not in harmony with other cities. When a town got a postal system for free, Emily refused to let the city go.

"Emily's rose" is a wonderful short story written by William Faulkner. It starts at the end of Miss Emily's life, and probably talks to an unknown person who is the voice of the town. Emily Grisson is the protagonist of this story and her life is used as a fable about Jefferson's southern town change after the civil war in the early 1900s. Beginning with the title, William Faulkner expresses the passage and change of time with the symbolism of the house as "monument", Miss Emily, her hair, Homer Baron, and even Emily's "rose" .

William Faulkner 's "Roses of Miss Emily" was a major figure after the Civil War, Miss Emily Grissen. The war is over but Miss Emily is an old beauty in the south. Her father was very well trained, so gentlemen, especially women never dealt with unpleasant things. Naturally, this caused the conflict for all people in this story - all but Miss Emily. After the war, southern part had to be rebuilt clearly, companies were gathered from the north to take advantage of employment opportunities. These people are called rugby jars and are laughed at by Southerner to take advantage of their weak economic situation. Nonetheless, these workers are essential for rebuilding the devastated southern part of the war.

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