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Home Page > Essay Example Library > Essay List > Oliver Sacks's The Man who Mistook his Wife for a Hat

Oliver Sacks's The Man who Mistook his Wife for a Hat

Oliver Sacks, a man who mistakenly entered his wife due to his hat saw the performances of Alfred Hitchcock Theater, Twilight, and other sci-fi and horror as a child. In many cases, the story is based on the psychological problems of the victim and their prejudice against the world. In retrospect, I remember the charm I felt when I saw a specific episode in Twilight Zone. In this particular incident, the man became a zombie because of poison. Basically he is still alive but he is already dead.

The life of this famous neuroscientist is also a wonderful writer, Oliver Sacks. "The man who wears a hat and other stories and the man who mistook his wife" is his first book. In many cases, the human brain and its mystery have not been explained or understood outside the elite medical community. For me, Oliver Sacks is the person who publishes it, talks about his success and failure in treatment, and of course the many logistical obstacles he needs to finish his work. But this is his autobiography, mainly a fragment of his life; a good, bad, and homosexual society, the way he found love in the latter part of life, melanoma in the eye finally metastasized He is dead. I would like to share this beautiful work he wrote when he learns that he is about to die. He died on August 30, 2015. Life is rich, life is good, life is very good. In this era of continual consumption, there is a life devoted to medical and literary devotion.

Oliver Sachs is a neuroscientist and wrote that "his wife has problems with his hat". He died at the age of 82. A scholar born in London has written several books on abnormal medical conditions, such as awakening, a man with the wife of the wrong hat, an island of color blindness. This is his most strange example. A case of Dr. Oliver Sachs in the 1960s involved a group of patients who were victims of the epidemic of "sleeping sickness" (encephalitis virus) that had become popular in the 1920s at Beth Abraham Hospital in New York. Sax's words "froze" for decades of sleep. Treatment with the experimental drug L-DOPA "woke up" them to a world of great change. Sax's "Awakening" book, published in 1973, influenced the 1990 movie starring Robert DeNiro and Robin Williams (bottom).

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