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Home Page > Essay Example Library > Essay List > Georgina’s Struggle for Freedom in The Cook, the Thief, his Wife and her Lover

Georgina’s Struggle for Freedom in The Cook, the Thief, his Wife and her Lover

Georgina struggled for freedom with the cook of "Cook, a thief, his wife and her lover", in his work "Cook, a thief, his wife and her lover", Peter Greenaway said his protagonist George showed Na complexity We witnessed her constant efforts to get rid of her hate and disgusting husband. She understood the dependence on her malicious Albert. His compulsion, repression and abuse made Georgina life unbearable. What she needs freedom is reflected in her sexual relationship with a completely different person from her husband.

Peter Greenway's Cook, a thief, his wife and her lover is a stupid story of sex, fraud, corruption and abuse. This movie tells the relationship between one of the women named Georgina and two men, Michael and Albert in life. Michael is her girlfriend, and her husband, Albert, is a spirit robber. Albert abused Georgia through the relationship. Because many women are in an abusive relationship, Georgina does not take any action to stop him. Georgina finally took the position of Albert only when her lover was killed. Like an old proverb goes: hell never despises like a lady

Georgina's happiness collapsed shortly after discovery. Albert found an oath with two lovers, as I said that "I will kill him and then I will eat him," Georgina and Michael were filled with carcasses to get rid of Albert's anger In the truck, then, he ran away to a Michael bookstore who spent a short time. After Michael was killed by Albert and his followers Georgina decided that it was time to take revenge. In addition to restaurant chefs and other staff, Albert finally got what he deserved. According to Georgina's instructions, the chef cooks for Michael and sends an official invitation to Albert to attend dinner. When Albert was there, Georgina and the staff, now Michael was completely placed on the plate, Albert. Georgia pushed him a gun and forced him to bit a dead lover. If he had it, she would strike her head and call him "cannibalism." Therefore, we release Georgina forever from Albert.

Georgina of abusive criminal met Mirren encounters her private secret lover and her spacious dining room bathroom, kitchen, walk-in fridge, private and incredible places . When you move from one room with a coupling character to another room, director Peter Greenaway makes the drama stand out by changing the color of Gaultier's theater costume (blue to green, red, white) according to the new design I will. Perfect space decoration

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