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Una's Search for Religion in Naslund's Novel, Ahab's Wife

Una is looking for religion in Naslund's novel "Ahab's Wife" Herman Melville's Moby Dick is a complete novel of the Bible and God. When writing Ahab's wife, Senna Nasrund could not ignore Melville's biblical hints. Since Naslund's novel is a response to Moby Dick, Una does not accept Melville's ubiquitous religion. She can not persuade herself to the basic residents of Christianity and is constantly looking for a new community and a philosophy to accept her ideals.

When comparing Melville's Moby Dick as a man's story and the wife of Nasland as a woman's story, Ahab's wife, when I read Moby Dick and Ahab's wife, I found two novels the most fascinating relationship I was puzzled by that. The way people are categorized is that they are "male" and "female". Of course, Beluga is a story of a man, Ahab's wife is a story of a woman. This comparison is meaningful considering the author's gender of Melville and Naslund, the sex of Ishmael and Una of each narrator, and the experience drawn in the text.

She was mentioned only once in Moby Dick, but this revisionist novel, Aha's wife, Una has novels devoted to her growth and marriage with Ahab. Until religious growth, childhood, and escape from adolescent love, Una 's adventure equals Captain of her story until her fascination and destruction of the sea. History completely changed its current classic adventure novel and Robert Langdon finds himself seeking to solve more homicide than Monna Lisa's smile. Using art and biblical legends, famous men and women in history, this novel captivates readers by unlocking mysterious things.

Some literary references resonate through novels. Ahab named after the King of the Old Testament, was longing for a complete, Faust-like knowledge of God. Like Oedipus in the Sophocles play, he paid a tragic price for inappropriate knowledge. The end of Moby-Dick is "Orphan". The narrator Ismail is a wanderer like an orphan. The name of Ishmael comes from the Genesis of the Old Testament - he is the son of Abraham and Hagar (Sarah's wife Sarah's servant). Abraham put Ishmael and Hagar in the wilderness

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