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Home Page > Essay Example Library > Essay List > The Use of Irony in Barbara L. Greenberg's The Faithful Wife

The Use of Irony in Barbara L. Greenberg's The Faithful Wife

The use of sarcasm in Barbara Greenberg's faithful wife "Faithful Wife" by Barbara Greenberg is an attractive and sarcastic explanation of what a speaker would do if the speaker was unfaithful to her husband. After reading this poem, I think that a woman in this poem said her husband is irreplaceable, so she will never be faithful. If she betrayed him, she would choose a person quite different from him, and I thought that she would not humiliated the great person somehow.

Barbara L. Greenbag's "faithful wife" explains the style, language and theme of poetry using the first person's story. By using the first person's story, Barbara Greenberg can draw events and ideas to the reader as highly convincing. In addition, the first-person narrator created a dramatic irony in the title of the theme of poetry. From the beginning, the reader noticed that the poem was spoken. The first sentence is "But if I am," it means that the narrator is the first person. By using the first person, the reader can be confident that the incident being conveyed is due to the direct role and reliable nature of the third party never misunderstands the reader. The narrator provided a theme using her imaginary lover, "But if I have a boyfriend, someone will not be able to take something from you."

Barbara Greenberg is a clinical psychologist specializing in the treatment of children, adolescents and parents. She is a young consultant at Ginzan Hospital in New Canaan, Connecticut. Dr. Greenberg, ABC Good morning I often find it on television nationwide including America, Nightline, CNN. She is a childcare professional at GalTime-Online Women Magazine, and today she is a psychologist teenager.

Alan Greenberg is an American architect, professor of architecture at former Yale University, democratic architecture and George Washington architect. Colette Arredondo is a partner of Allan Greenberg Architects and graduated from the architecture department of the University of Notre Dame.

Steel and glass houses are rare in the Greenberg repertoire. In the face of the challenge of joining Victorian cartoon characters in Connecticut, he suggested that more modern supplements might be appropriate. "Yes, let's make it more modern," my wife said. "No, it's not more modern," Mr. Greenberg looked back. "It's like Mies van der Rohe." As a result, a surprisingly elegant balance is born, not a distinctive white volume competing with the original, but stands out. As Greenberg said in an article in his house in the Wall Street Journal, "I compared my building to a novel by James Joyce and the house itself is like William Tackerey ... George Eliot or Charles Dickens "" More than two-thirds of the house is home, which is the main product of his work, but contact with his facility building also showed great appeal and the college committee chose The pictures were especially attractive, the only great misfortune

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