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Home Page > Essay Example Library > Essay List > The Wife of Bath: The Catalyst of Modern Female Standards

The Wife of Bath: The Catalyst of Modern Female Standards

Without Bath's wife, where is the society of today? Although this is an unusual problem, it may affect women's standards around the world. Because of the lack of moral value, Bath's wife has become the most powerful role of Joe's invention. Many other people are also raising controversies, but there is no doubt that Bath's wife wrote for a particular reason: breaking the double criteria between men and women. Geoffrey Chaucer broke double standards in various ways.

Barth George 's wife Joe' s woman 'Burus' wife's prologue and story' is a medieval legend depicting a powerful woman seeking her own love and portrait in the most severe situation. It is presented to modern readers as an early story of feminism and shows how female characters acquire power in an oppressive patriarchal society. A simple plot of women's empowerment is the essence of anti-feminism. Sometimes this is openly proposed ... women's attention to Bath's wife. If it is still thought that women are only for the production of heirs, Jose has expressed his opinion on the problem affecting women, and these issues are not universal. Joe writes in first person and can explain life from a woman's point of view. Through this style, Chaucer solved the problem of being too frank for women writers of his era. Ironically, I write "bath wife"

The role of Bath's wife and Lady Gaga, Bath's wife, Canterbury story Jeffrey Chaucer, can be compared with today's contemporary pop icon, Lady Gaga. Two women have many similar qualities in terms of personality type and behavior. From the 15th century to the 21st century, these women symbolize contradictions between feminism and social norms. In this article I will explain the fictional role of Joe, the similarities and differences between Bath's wife and Lady Gaga (one of the century).

A review of the preamble of women caused a stark contrast between their social standards and actions. In the 14th century, the rights and roles of women in society were accessories for medieval men. The depiction of Mrs. Jaws is a luxurious and desireful woman, and Primores is a handsome woman. Seeing that Bath's wife is a woman who can stick to her position, she will not be afraid of her view on the monastery. Because she is having problems if she is a man. Bath's wife seems to trap a mouse. French surrounded by Prioress is the language of a French-speaking nobleman, in medieval society French puts her in an elegant class rather than Bath's wife and the educational nature of Bath's wife does not gain social status. Instead, her ideals of confrontation, freedom, feminism took away society. (T.B)

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