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The Wife of Bath: A Literary Analysis

"The Story of Bath" by Geoffrey Chaucer is an important part of his most famous work, The Canterbury Tales. This special story, which is one of the most respected high-level analyzes of all these stories, is important for both character development and mainstream theme. We seamlessly combine the idea of ​​society at that time with the development of powerful literature. This work can withstand the test of time thanks to its literary qualities and teaching about the role of women in the late medieval period.

Today, most feminists often explain the Canterbury story of Geoffrey Joe as Bath's wife as an ideal model of feminist literary figures. Contrary to this view, however, Bath's wife and Joe himself are merely camouflaged examples of anti-feminist view of the 14th century. For contemporary feminist commentators such as Carolyn Dinshaw, Jose was an original feminist of the early writers and used literary media to oppose unfair treatment of opposite sex. However, I think Joseph is basically a writer and a product of an aversive woman's life. Joe's feminist interpretation aims at Bath's wife to prove not Joe's feminist behavior, but rather by historical information, sarcastic research, and stereotypes about other pilgrims. Clear reconstruction of Guillaume de Loris and Jean de Moon. "La Vieille" of "Roses in Roses"

Bath's wife, Bath's wife, is one of Joe's "Canterbury Tales", a feminist in the 14th century. Joe of "general prologue" explained her as an adultery. Wyf confirmed this with the introduction of the story which is the longest story in this book. Analysis of "General Foreword" and "Wyf's Prologue" reveals a direct relationship between Bath's Wyf and a person such as a knight, a queen, and an ugly woman in her story. There is a direct thing ... Now I can think that the characteristics of most of these "devils" are ideal, strong will and feminist. Joe Appears seems to support an evil feminist who produced two very strongly successful women in the story of a woman, especially Bath's wife and wife. But through all the difficult external attributes, the same classic and traditional women of pain need men like women of that era. Original

Joseph chose to express his view on feminism through his wife and his views and attitudes. For many years many literary critics have called "Bath's wife" a feminist. She is a dominant woman with a strong will, getting what she wants when she wants it. But this is not a definition of feminist. Feminists are those who believe that women and men are equal and at the same time they can recognize and understand the unique characteristics of both sexes. Feminists celebrate what it means to become a woman. Joseph does not say his role is to be interpreted as a feminist. If anything, Bath's wife can safely call gender discrimination. She continues to emphasize the negative implications associated with women of all ages and believes that all women themselves are such. Bath's wife expresses women as greedy, disciplined, dishonest living things.

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