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An Analysis of The Wife of Bath Prologue

Bath's wife is a wealthy and elegant woman with a new and luxurious look. She came from a medieval English clothing town that brought her a talented stitch pressure. Before his wife started the story, she told the audience about his life and personal marriage experience. Bath's wife announced that she has five husbands and has had enough experience to become a marriage expert. Criticizing her that many people have many husbands, she did not see anything unethical.

In fact, the opening of the preface to Bath's wife shows the general discourse of authority and experience, and in essence who has the power of interpretation and responsibility. Bath's preliminary wife's extensive analysis distinguishes this analysis from sex: male reading and women's reading text. In fact, the problem of interpreting between men and women is an analysis of the wife of Bath's preface in Carolyn Dynshaw's "Sexual Poets of Chaucer". (Joyner, AYJW)

Bath's wife, Bath's wife, is one of Joe's "Canterbury Tales", a feminist in the 14th century. Joe of "general prologue" explained her as an adultery. Wyf confirmed this with the introduction of the story which is the longest story in this book. Analysis of "General Foreword" and "Wyf's Prologue" reveals a direct relationship between Bath's Wyf and a person such as a knight, a queen, and an ugly woman in her story. There is a direct thing ... Now I can think that the characteristics of most of these "devils" are ideal, strong will and feminist. Joe Appears seems to support an evil feminist who produced two very strongly successful women in the story of a woman, especially Bath's wife and wife. But through all the difficult external attributes, the same classic and traditional women of pain need men like women of that era. Original

Analysis of Wife of Bath In Joe's Canterbury story, Jose began his prelude and explained 29 pilgrims. Everyone has different character, and we can recognize it from the way people do today's behavior. Compared with other characters, he intentionally highlighted "wife of bathing". "In the general preface," Bath's wife was deliberately described intentionally to cause a shocking reaction (Blackman 23). Her way of doing ... In a Canterbury story of Geoffrey Chacer, a powerful Barth's wife, we introduced 29 people, a pilgrimage to St. Thomas Beckett of Canterbury. Everyone's performance is consistent with the unique behavior of medieval people. My attention was directed to Bath's wife, and Joe noticed gender inequality. Women can choose to get married or become an infertile wife or enter

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