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Comparision of the Wife of Bath and the Fairy Queen

Comparing the two women, as an individual, you can peek at the life of each woman. Sometimes you may think they are very similar, and sometimes you may find shocking differences. Comparing the wife of Bath, the elderly pilgrim pilgrim, the beautiful supernatural woman, the fairy queen, we found very different similarities and differences in their lives. We noticed similarities in the way they see relationships and their operations. However, we noticed their behavior, previous relationships, and the necessity of those relationships and their general appearance.

In this interpretation, another major sub-text is very consistent if Lord Orfeo and the businessman's story - Bath's wife - husband acknowledged that she is a "sovereign". A young woman In her story, Bath's wife revealed another view of the fairy who entered the story of a merchant as a follower of Pluto and Prospina. She said that they were banished from the land. In other words, for her, Sidhe represents a stage in Western history - probably - before the monastic abstinence victory represented by the monk. Likewise, in the story of a merchant, fairies are related to Pluto, Prospina and the January garden, pointing to the era when wise interpretation reads and writes eroticism from the scriptures. When this happens, as Bath's wife acknowledges, women are in danger of human beings.

In the era of King Arthur, Bath's wife began, and the British island was full of fairies and elves. Now these creatures have disappeared as the spots were occupied by monks and other beggars that seem to fill every corner of the island. As the fairy did during the hatching period, the priest raped a woman, but the priest caused only the female humiliation - the incubator always made them pregnant. But in Arthur's court, a healthy young knight will someday meet a beautiful girl. He strongly opposed the desire and feel for strength. The court is accused of the crime and the knight should be beheaded. But Queen Arthur and another woman in the court on behalf of him intercepted and asked him to give him the opportunity to save his life. Arthur listened wisely to his wife's advice and made a request to them.

Even after Bath's wife finished the prelude, she continued to tell the story. In the story of Bath, the knight returned to the court of King Arthur, and saw the girl raped her. The whole kingdom's kingdom was tired of his behavior and demanded justice from the knight. When the knight was taken to King Arthur, the Queen begged to judge the behavior of the knight. King Arthur issued the request of the Queen. She then explained to Cavalier that his decision will depend on his ability to accurately answer the question: "What is the women who are most eagerly afraid?" The Cavaliers responded to the Queen's correct answer 1 I was given a year. After asking all the women throughout the village, he could not decide the right answer until he met an old lady with magical powers. She told the Cavaliers that women are most eager to have sovereignty over their partners. In the Middle Ages men often dominated their spouses.

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