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Women's Liberation Movement as Seen In Shiloh and The Astronomers Wife

The days when barefooted women were forced to stay in the kitchen and bedroom was over. The liberation of women gained a floor in the last century, releasing many women and let them recognize their disobedience to men. As this thought process spreads, more and more women are seeing the truth. In short stories of Shiloh and The Astronomer's Wife, this theme of realization and liberation dominates. In the story of Shiloh, Bobbie Ann Mason, we were introduced to Norma Jean.

Hiro's role in Indian camp women and "Indian camp" is quite different from the "Hiro" women's lifestyle. Ernest Hemingway wrote "Indian Camp" to allow women to play a role in their family. Meanwhile, Bobby Ann Mason wrote "Shiro". To obscure the role of women's clear family. Because they are responsible for the birth of a baby, the native American woman of the previous story is a farmer, not a male. Women take on their roles without participating in any protests and participate in their duties.

The leaders of the women's liberation movement believe that the real cause of women's sorrow is the role of wives and mothers. Many people ask, are not our women should be satisfied with their careers like men? People who want to pursue careers are said to be guilty of being oppressed by men. Many women are beginning to feel that their true potential has been denied. The proposed solution is for women to pursue real satisfaction outside the home - not guilty. Women fight for the right to choose profession outside their homes. However, according to the labor statistics at that time, many women are participating in the labor force. Do you misjudge the cause of misfortune? Have you given a wrong solution? In this movement, few people raised these very important problems in the 1960s and 1970s.

During the liberation movement of the women in the 1970s, girls of exercise were challenged based on their heterosexual identity. Most of the campaign is trying to reform the sex discrimination system, although it is "maintaining complete primary nuclear compression unit: behavior of heterosexual". Others believe that the logic of lesbians can end male control and is a powerful political act in the center of women's movement. The fundamental lesbians criticized the liberation movement of women so as not to criticize the heterosexual "psychological repression" who thought they were "sexual grounds of the social system." They believe that heterosexual relationships persist through patriarchal power relations through "personal control" and therefore directly contradict the value and purpose of the movement.

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