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A Fare Well to Arms

A short paper on freight is a way to give up on what the fantastic escape of the world of weapons in the dark stops or scares the character. Escape is a form of betrayal and is well explained as a way to abandon human fear. When a character is not facing his fears, the character may find ways to avoid trouble. The story of Ernest Hemingway "Farewell to weapons" indicates that we are faced with problems that the hero thinks can not deal with.

Congratulations, not nostalgia. It is not a memory, it is a wonderful glory. It is a pity that the torn hut was torn apart for the glory's past and future conquests. Saying goodby is like splitting: It is very good. This is a sacred trust and everyone will work well in the absence of each other. Therefore, the binding becomes strong in memory

It is a fare structure. Historically, most public transportation systems have abandoned the distance-based fare structure to achieve a simpler fare system. This will result in unexpected results that prevent long distance travel suitable for most transportation systems and encourage long distance traveling, which is often more expensive than the fares generated by each user. The information system provides the transportation system with the possibility of returning to the long distance pricing system, especially with smart cards that can be charged according to entrances in the public transportation system.

The largest city with completely free public transportation is Tallinn, Estonia, with a population exceeding 400,000 people. Many other cities and towns around the world have a complete or partial free transportation system. These include discounts or free entrance fees for children, students, the elderly, and disabled in the city center, or "free time" when the smoke concentration is high. Even Toronto has free public transportation experience. As of March 2015, children under 12 years old can use TTC without paying fee. It is worth noting that the number of children using public transport has doubled. In the first full year of the free program for children for 2016, the number of transit users under the age of 13 rapidly increased to 22 million. This is one of the biggest success story witnessed by Toronto Transit. Start with the weakest inhabitants and extend Toronto's non-fly traffic plan to everyone in Toronto.

Cities spend a lot of money to modernize the set of transit fares. In response to the masses of the population, some of the big cities in the US are running technology to allow passengers to pay transit fees with telephone or uniform fare card. For example, Philadelphia has replaced a single electronic card with a token for a subway, a bus, a commuter train, a transfer, a sliding path. New York City recently announced that it will spend over $ 500 million to replace the MetroCard fare card with a technology that allows transit drivers to pay by phone or credit card. Manager writer Dan Vock recently explored the factors driving this trend, some of the technologies behind it, and the challenges the city faces when upgrading these systems.

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