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Home Page > Essay Example Library > Essay List > A Well Regulated Millitia: Is the Freedom to Bear Arms Constitutional?

A Well Regulated Millitia: Is the Freedom to Bear Arms Constitutional?

Americans made intense debate as to whether the freedom to carry weapons is constitutional. On December 14, 2012, a large shooting incident at Sandy Hook Elementary School involved a 20-year-old man as a perpetrator and 20 victims were shot dead. The occurrence of this crisis has brought public perception of firearm rights and it can also be used for defense if it is carried in a gun. Because of this perception, Americans do not know whether guns can handle in the state. The second amendment in the United States was written by the founders and said they must have free country security, people's rights, and carry of weapons.

What do you mean "have weapons"? Article 2 of the amendment of the Constitution of the United States states that "Freely controlled security requires a well-controlled militia, the rights of people holding and carrying weapons should not be infringed" . Many critics including Mr. Johnson reviewed the first half of this revision in the past. For some people it is clear that the first article is consistent with Article 2: the right to carry weapons is related to military service.

It is not in America. There is a clever second fix. Right to carry weapons. "For the security of a free country, we need well-managed militia, people have the right to keep weapons and carry them, we can not violate." Is not it not only dexterity? Instead, it is very powerful. Always strong, I know, never give up. We are now in the area inside our history. NHS is conceived in the ashes of war and is a way to restore the country. For British, health is a fundamental right and there are occasional differences in how to act, but this principle is still consistent. Using American model, according to one's own free will, citizen's rights is to ensure personal health management of service points, we can already see the beginning of the formation of differences. NHS seems to be the privilege of goods everywhere in the pond. An entity that provides services but has not paid

In general, the modern constitution is to completely break down weapons with the aim of "to allow the government not to provide weapons ownership rights but to regulate its use or enforce military service" It points. Constitution guaranteeing the right to carry weapons in history is the Constitution of Bolivia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Liberia, Mexico, Nicaragua and the United States. Almost all Latin American examples are based on the American example. Currently, nearly 200 constitutions around the world still include the right to have weapons in three of Guatemala, Mexico, and the United States; of these three, only the last one is explicit It does not include restrictions.

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