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A Separate Peace: Nature of Man

Independent Peace: Humanity The greatest fight of mankind is often more than a conflict of war, but it is a quiet and huge confrontation in the human mind. Likewise, the behavior of the world became reality by emotion, the emotion became action. It is difficult to understand that all evil wars are often a pure expression of inner evil. John Knowles' independent peace examines the depth of human nature in detail, and reveals the essence of human beings. The focus of this novel is personal and smart narrator of Gene Forester and his best friend Sport Phineas or Finney.

John Knowles' most famous piece, "another peace" is still one of the most popular postwar novels about adolescence. Although it appeared during the Second World War, the novel is exploring the important cultural theme of the 1950s. This is a motive for young people to move from childhood to adulthood. Like the Rye's Lye and The Catcher in the Rye novels, and the movie "Reasonless Rebellion", "Independent Peace" will grow into a true individual adult challenge drama.

An analysis of John Knowles' independent peace "presents human inhuman subjects for his compatriots. The novel is unique in that protest war, Knowles never mentioned publicly about blood and blood of blood, he showed the outcome of the war, some of which inherently resembled warfare , Some will simply explain a second time. The impact of World War II on noncombatants thousands of miles away There are lots of books on war, what happens, why it happens, and why we should stop war. Knowles explain why war does not stop through Finnie's lifetime, explaining why only one person died in the book.

John Knowles' novel 'another peace' is a symbol of the war that occurred during the Devonshire era. John Knowles used many natural element descriptions to explain the influence of World War II and that on Devon youth. Obviously, the two rivers described in this book, Naguamsett and Devon, explain how war and how it affects students living in the Devonshire facility. This novel shows that the dichotomy between the two rivers, and that the Navumset River plays the role of warfare like the Devonshire River, which is the role of Devon's student.

From summer to winter, Devon and the Nagumit River, and peace and war are the three symbols of "independent peace." "Another peace" of John Knowles talks about the story of a teenager in a school before going to university in New Hampshire and the struggle to find his place in war. These symbols indicate innocence of gene loss

The story of John Knowles "Independent peace" is a small but important role, Leiper. It reflects the influence of war on weak, innocent, youth. When he left the war, Devon's boys regarded him as a hero. Then the story resulted in a disappointing turn, and Leper returned and regained part of the war. There is no doubt that adolescence, adolescence, interruption and destruction, his idea can not accept and accept the cruelty of war. "Did you see Leper?" The gene asked with an uncertain voice. "I saw him here this morning ... Anyway ... Then I know that there really is a real war," Finney admitted. Without knowing him, Leper took a tough front and repeatedly used it to remind Realny and Gene what really happened. Instead of treating war as a glorious dedication to the country, not a gene that betrays the opposite side of that country through the role of Lepers

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