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Comparing Stories: The Astronomers Wife & The Chrysanthemums

Recently, I saw a movie about a women's tennis championship - Billy Jang Kim, I have never entered feminism (I can not say that I do not fully understand it) However, her role has evoked other sensitivities to me. Later - it was a big change for me - I had no choice but to notice the different ways that John Steinbeck and Kay Boyle did for similar topics. They all deal with marital relationships and it is very fun to see ordinary couple life through "men" and "female eyes".

In this article, let's take a look at the following article attempting to investigate contradictions between short stories and verses: The battle of Kevin Boyle's astronomer's wife, Arabi of James Joyce, and Louis Simpson. Kay Boyle's astronomer's wife's short story is drawing a wife as a person who dreams of "being there" by watching the stars day and night. Astronomers and his wife stayed in bed longer and his wife seemed to take care of him keeping his head in the sky. Because of his odd attitude, astronomers and his wife began to separate; his wife felt she was almost alone, but her duty was to take care of, Nobody really talked

First of all, the title of the short story is directly related to the protagonist. As mentioned above, the protagonist of the story is Catherine Ames. Catherine Ames is a wife of an astronomer. As someone begins to read the story, he will understand from the title that the hero of the story is his wife. In this story, especially in this story, the title itself is a very important element. Through the title, what is your first impression of the audience's story? In 'Astronomer Wife', the title treats his wife as a property of astronomer. The title also suggests that there may be some inequality between couples. In addition, the audience can understand by reading the title that astronomer's wife depends on her husband.

Mrs. Ames of "The Astronomer's Wife", the oldest woman of two people, and Elisa Allen of "The Chrysanthemums" also lived a similar life. They are faithful wives, they are beautiful and polite. They have been married for a while without any children, and they are fighting their boring marriage. At first, they seem to have just got into a monotonous marriage situation, but it is clear that both women are crying after scratching the surface.

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