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The Right to Keep and Bear Arms

The right to hold and carry weapons was approved by the amendment of the US Constitution in 1791. In the first 13 colonies before the revolution, the right to hold and carry weapons was regarded as a basic individual right. This amendment stipulates that well-controlled militia is necessary for the security of free countries, and that the rights of people holding and carrying weapons should not be infringed. In this century the right to hold and carry weapons is always a very controversial topic and both sides can handle them equally.

The right to hold and carry weapons (often called the right to carry weapons) is the right of those who possess weapons (weapons) for self defense. Only a few countries own weapons, allow them to carry, protect the weapons at the legal level, and a few more countries protect constitutional rights. The Bill of Rights in 1689 stated that Protestant citizens of England "have provided their defenses with weapons that are suitable for their conditions and laws and interfere with the rights of the British royal family to have permanent forces or carry Protestant weapons I will restrict that ". We are armed and are in violation of the law ", not a civil servant, but can decide the parliament and regulate the right to carry weapons

Alaska: For the safety of free countries, well-managed militia is necessary and the rights of people holding and carrying weapons should not be infringed. The individual's right to protect and carry weapons must not be denied or infringed by the country or the political department of that country. Art I, § 19 (the first sentence was issued in 1959 and the second sentence was added in 1994). Colorado State: In the case of a legal summon, you can not hold or carry weapons to defend your residence, people, property or with the help of civil rights. Proving that you have a hidden weapon is justified. Art II, § 13 (established in Article 2, Article 13, 1876)

Nebraska State: Neither unique nor non-transferable right, including the protection and carrying of weapons for everyone to be free and independent, to pursue life, freedom, pursuit of happiness, and to protect themselves, families, families, etc. Have. As with legitimate co-defense, hunting, entertainment purposes and all other legitimate purposes, human rights and the State or any of its departments can not refuse or violate such rights. Art I, § 1 (reserves and assumes the right to weapons issued in 1988). New Mexico State: Citizens can not prescribe the right to hold and transport weapons for security, defense, legal hunting, entertainment purposes, and other legitimate purposes, but carries the hidden weapons here I can not do it. You can not regulate events that store and carry weapons in any way in any town or county. Art II, § 6 (the first sentence in 1971, the second sentence was added in 1986)

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