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Tainted Arms

Alfred Owen's poem "Weapons and Boys" shows how the war and how it changed the boy. "Weapons and boys" is a powerful example of innocence and experience. By showing how the blade of a bayonet has human characteristics, the symbolic meaning of the blade is not just the actual representation of the murder model institution. The role of the bayonet is to express experience, knowledge corrupts the boy and causes him to lose his innocence. In addition, the second section "bullet" took over the role of experience, but the third section depicts the boy as innocent through the statements of the Bible, that it is a feature given by God innocence Indicated.

"His love for weapons profession is the best tradition of gentlemen.In a brutal and brutal war, he praises the handling of prisoners ... he is not polluted by Nazism ... his army is very embarrassed He urges him to do his best for them, but he never worries about them, but he never wastes them, he solved his work with clarity, vitality and common sense The military conspiracy did not command the army They tried desperately to defeat the military and the front line general and to provide the necessary major support for the coup, The Department of Defense senior officials - Brahik, Harder, Von Rensett, Manstein, Gudelen, Kruger - refused to support or revealed the sitting posture of the fence, but Rommel told Hitler There long before it is increasingly rebellious.

The stain of war is deeply rooted in the hearts of people. Despite the powerful efforts of Hosokawa after the Onin War, the Ashikaga government went bankrupted desperately. From these burning ruins, the flames of Onan war and the blood scattered by those suffering have risen to strong names outside Kyoto. It is the title of the general. Pipe color Nobody thinks that they are indeed general shoguns, but it is not important if a person dominates generals as a hut. Daimyos tastes the taste of an open war and likes it and in this case has a behind-the-scenes operator like a beggar from a real commander who sees the opportunity to keep fighting until they become them back then One of you will be a real shogun

Next, part of body odor of the experimenter is contaminated by perfume or odor peculiar to sex. Volunteers shaking hands with these contaminated people took different actions; volunteers spent a lot of time by sniffing their hands when the experimenters were contaminated with perfumes themselves The time to sniff the hands decreases. This suggests that various smells affect the behavior of volunteers to sniff their hands. Frumin and colleagues' results show that a simple handshake can help detect chemical signals from others. Depending on the sex of a person, we might check the smell of people by sniffing our right hand, otherwise our own left hand smells of its own smell. In future research, we need to understand how this sniffer action works as a method of unconscious human communication.

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