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The Right to Bear Arms

In 1791, the US government made a second amendment to the Constitution. As stated in the Constitution, the amendment prescribes that the rights of people holding and carrying weapons must not be infringed. In the early days of the United States, people used rifles and revolvers to move around frequently. There was nobody who actually reviewed them or watched them as if they did something wrong. At that time, it is common to carry guns publicly. Today after about 223 years, people were allowed to hide guns from each other.

The right to hold and carry weapons (often called the right to carry weapons) is the right of those who possess weapons (weapons) for self defense. Only a few countries own weapons, allow them to carry, protect the weapons at the legal level, and a few more countries protect constitutional rights. The Bill of Rights in 1689 stated that Protestant citizens of England "have provided their defenses with weapons that are suitable for their conditions and laws and interfere with the rights of the British royal family to have permanent forces or carry Protestant weapons I will restrict that ". We are armed and are in violation of the law ", not a civil servant, but can decide the parliament and regulate the right to carry weapons

Maria Butina established the organization Right to Bear Arms in Moscow. She also founded a company called Bridges LLC with former NRA president Paul Ericsson. Since 2012 the right to carry weapons with the National Rifle Association has jointly influenced US gun control policy and a year later David Keane offered support to the Alexander Torsin to the National Rifle Association. The American Rifle Association, a powerful gun movement organization, waited for four days before announcing statements about the tragedy, but robbed the lives of 20 children and six adults issued by Right Tor Bear Arms in Moscow It was. I hear a noise. Time posted an announcement calling for an increase in the right to acquire weapons on their website

The National Rifle Association (NFA) believes that the rights of individuals possessing weapons are described in the second revision (The Arms to Arms Arms, 2008). US gun control: Do you apply the second amendment clause "carrying with weapons" as a US citizen in the second revision of the past, the present and the future so that you can protect your family? If you think so, you may be wrong. According to the article "Firearm management in the world of sociology" (2001), the answer depends on the interpretation of the second revision of the Constitution of the United States of America.

It is not in America. There is a clever second fix. Right to carry weapons. "For the security of a free country, we need well-managed militia, people have the right to keep weapons and carry them, we can not violate." Is not it not only dexterity? Instead, it is very powerful. Always strong, I know, never give up. We are now in the area inside our history. NHS is conceived in the ashes of war and is a way to restore the country. For British, health is a fundamental right and there are occasional differences in how to act, but this principle is still consistent. Using American model, according to one's own free will, citizen's rights is to ensure personal health management of service points, we can already see the beginning of the formation of differences. NHS seems to be the privilege of goods everywhere in the pond. An entity that provides services but has not paid

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