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Coat of Arms

I believe that the emblem emblem can be a shield for medieval knights to protect themselves in the fight. In fact, the coat of arms is not just a shield. Actually there are five elements in the emblem. Shield, badge, rudder, garland, cellar, or scorpion. Each of these elements creates a so-called coat of arms. Cavaliers wore badges in battle, but badges not only appeared in the armor that was used for protection in battle, but also appeared in flags and clothes.

As you can see, only a few people have the legal right to use old and genetic badges. A company that sells goods to you with your so-called badge will not use the family name badge of the same surname (and you do not have legal or genetic rights to use it) or they will do something for you doing. Do not tell you they will use all the right parts of the real badge, but the weapons they make for you are new and do not have the ancestral sense. Many companies earn a lot of money through this type of fraud, as the new attention to the coat of arms began in the past few decades after the Second World War.

In Britain, the most important thing to remember about badges is that there are no badges like surnames. They are only given to individuals. In order to legally use a weapon, the person must first be the person who obtained that weapon, or the direct descendant of that person (in lawful breeds ... illegal means to use weapons It is not). Americans who were able to prove the direct legal origin of the British royal family under British rule (American ancestors, British colonies, pre-revolutionary war, etc.) respect their weapons of reputation You can petition to the weapon school. Then, that person has the right to pass weapons through the legitimate male line of their family.

On February 4, 2004, the Collin Powell badge was awarded by Lord Lyon in Edinburgh. Technically, the grant was handed over by Powell's father (British). Scottish Weapons King has traditionally been responsible for providing weapons to Scottish British Commonwealth citizens. The sword and the asterisk indicate the career of the former general, and the same can be said about the crown. This is the 101 badge soldier badge (he served as a brigade commander in the mid 1970s). Lions may imply Scotland. The shield can be surrounded by Badge of Honorable Knight Commander of the Supreme Medal of Honor (KCB) awarded after the First Gulf War.

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