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Home Page > Essay Example Library > Essay List > A Farewell to Arms as a Classic Literary Work

A Farewell to Arms as a Classic Literary Work

Farewell to a weapon as a classical literature Classical literary works are "works of generations that have been continuously performed for the theme's universality, eternal symbolic meaning, word selection and details" It is defined as. Ernest Hemingway's "Farewell Weapons" should be regarded as a classic literary work from its universal theme, eternal symbol, selection of words, and details of the story. There are several themes in this book, but the theme seems to rule this story. This theme is the importance of love and loss in relationships between men and women. Because the two lovers are very focused on each other, they do not need other people in their lives. "I will not do it

"Farewell Weapons" written by Ernest Hemingway in 1929 helped to understand the overall importance of the author of communicating the world's literature to readers Many critics's praise and theoretical It caused explanation. The story of the novel happened during the First World War of Italy, for Frederick Henry, Italian troops, and around the driver of an American ambulance injured in the forefront. Another very important role in the novel is a nurse who takes care of Frederick in Catherine Berkeley, a hospital in Milan.

In the decline of World War I, farewell weapons (1929) is a grand love story of American ambulance driver Frederick Henry and British V.A.D. Catherine Berkeley was united by the tide of war. In his experience as an ambulance driver in the First World War, "Farewell, weapons" is thought to be the darkest novel by Hemingway, which depicts war's uselessness and the sneer of war soldiers, Still one of the most famous and popular literary works

Introduction As one of the greatest novelists in American literature history, the war experiences of Ernest Hemingway helped him complete many great works in human history. As with other great works, the novel has a simple and clear style of making him one of the greatest masters of contemporary literature (Grebstein, 1973, p. 5). According to Hemingway's explanation, we can give a brief overview of "scientist principle". The so-called iceberg principle creates a clear image with simple and concise sentences, and the author's own emotions and thoughts are included in the image to the maximum. Therefore, though hidden but not exposed, the emotions are rich; it is hidden, but it is not hard to understand, but this idea is very profound.

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