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Ernest Hemingway and A Farewell To Arms

A weapon by parting with Ernest Hemingway, "We never did what we wanted to do, we have never done such a thing" (Hemingway 13). Lieutenant Frederick Henry, the main character of America, announced this sentence in the early days of Ernest Hemingway's "compassion to parting", and was quite pessimistic and monotonous presented by Hemingway's work, especially this novel I summarized tones and moods. It also reflects the way of internal pessimism and judgment. Regardless of the unpleasant situation or miserable situation in the author's novel, "goodbye weapons" is certainly worth the place in the list of high-level literary works.

Ernest Hemingway's novel "Farewell to Arms" has many levels. The story happened during the First World War; it is both a war novel, a love story, a social explanation and a glimpse of the past. Because Hemingway participated in the war, he had direct knowledge about war experiences. The First World War, or the "Great War", is similar to other disputes so far. Before World War I, people were able to define their masculinity by proving their masculinity, participating in war and fighting. However, during the First World War, men were slaughtered at astonishingly rapid speed. Old rules do not apply, no glory. As Brian Bond said in the European War and the Social War of 1870-1970:

In 1918, Ernest Hemingway fought and the war ended all wars. He volunteered to receive ambulance service in Italy, injured twice and decorated it. His experience comes from "goodbye weapons". I can not forget the explanation about the war of Hemingway. He reconstructed the fear of young American volunteers, homosexual relations, courage, and the confidence of the men and women he met in Italy. However, "goodbye weapons" is more than just a war novel. Among them, Hemingway has created a love story about wonderful dramas and uncompromising passions.

One of Ernest Hemingway's best novels is "Farewell, Weapons". Hemingway brought most of the story of his life to his novel. "Farewell, weapons" is a classic classic story that can point to the possibility of confrontation between Romeo and his Juliet. In this novel, Romeo is Frederick Henry and Juliet is Catherine Berkley. Their love must overcome the obstacles of the First World War. Italian background that was devastated by war further highlights the tragedy of love story. The story begins with Frederick Henry serving the Italian army. After he got hurt by a mortar, he met his love at the hospital. "Farewell, weapons" is one of the best novels in the US due to its symbolic and exciting plot and the character of the hero's lieutenant Henry.

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