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Home Page > Essay Example Library > Essay List > A Farewell to Arms Essay: Inevitability of Death Revealed

A Farewell to Arms Essay: Inevitability of Death Revealed

Hemingway, which reveals the inevitability of death in farewell weapons, has been highly criticized for his hatred against women and some believe that these hatreds are obvious to his work. The main book that critics believe is a sign that the attitude of this disgusting woman is "farewell weapon". Interpreting books with such a narrow focus is counterproductive, as the author deals with deeper themes. Hemingway does not mind gender equality themes, but focuses on a larger theme of raw essential struggle and inevitability of life.

Like most writers, he comments on certain aspects of human condition. In "Farewell, weapons", the central theme is the necessity of death. Hemingway believes that one constant in life is death. Sometimes death may seem unfair or illogical; in particular if it is the death of a loved one. But this is just a natural phenomenon in life and you have to step forward step by step. In addition, death may be interrupted for a while, but it is impossible to escape it. Everyone eventually has to die, this is how it must be

Hemingway's works of "Farewell to Arms" and "The Sun Also Rising" are similar and may be related to the theme of other Hemingway works. The theme of death and loss applies to the characters of these novels. Death often occurs in wars that occur in two novels. Jack was injured in the war, Frederick is currently participating in the war. Because both suffered a psychological loss, it was difficult to make life meaningful. In the Big Two Hearted River, Nick lost the land. Hemingway created all of these roles and showed weaknesses caused by those losses. This is the reason all the characters suffer from failure. "Like Jack, Frederick Henry was injured in the war and fell in love with a woman" (Magnum 6). These characters suffer from the loss of war and will soon suffer from the loss of love.

"Farewell Weapons" is an experience of love and war, the hero's Henry is to deal with overwhelming death contempt, to defeat in war, and to die in his own personal life. Quoted above is Henry's idea of ​​withdrawing from the role of World War I after escaping some kind of death. This sentence shares the necessity of giving up or giving up in the face of capture and execution. He was worried about the lost honor (the stars took off their uniforms), that he had to keep on living, and including his love for a woman named Catherine, still many to survive I noticed that there was.

Frederick Henry just discovered the death of his son and believes that Katherine will also die. Henry's anecdote about burning ants on logs is a decisive moment in the novel, as it can serve as an analogy to the theme of a novel: the necessity of death. Ernest Hemingway painted the inevitable idea of ​​death by war, death of Katherine, and Henry's own experience. Absurdity and war disorder are similar to ant confusion that ant surrounds fire and eventually collapses.

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