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Home Page > Essay Example Library > Essay List > The roles of Major Petkoff and Catherine in Arms and the Man

The roles of Major Petkoff and Catherine in Arms and the Man

Comments on the role of Major Petkov and Katherine in weapons and human beings. Major Petrocoff and Major Katherine are typical secondary roles with occasional interesting comments and repetitive comments like all "Bells" in Bulgaria and the famous "Library". They are commonly used characters to alleviate tension in various kinds of games. However, weapons and men are comedy, so there are not many high pressure scenes. In addition, its role adds a sense of humor to the script. Especially in a boring scene where humor is used to speed up the rhythm by breaking the monologue, changing the theme, or changing the pitch.

"Weapons and Men" is a romantic comedy of three works by George Bernard Shaw, which was produced in 1894 and published in 1898. The drama settled in the house of Petkov in Bulgaria, enjoying the romantic idea of ​​war and heroism. A fierce battle officer, a Swiss mercenary fighting for the Serbian army, evacuated to Raina Petkoff's bedroom where she agreed to hide him. Following his explanation of the actual war, he initially laughed at the weakness of the intruder, but eventually exposed her fiancé, Sergis' heroism, who highly appreciated his honesty. After a while, the officer's captain Brunshuri returned after a while. At the end of the script, Sergius promised to Maid Louka her fiancée Nicolai has abandoned her request, and Raina was engaged in Bluntschli just inherited many Swiss hotels. The title of the play is taken from the first line of Virgil's epic "Aneid".

Catherine and Reina discussed the importance of Sergius on the escaping mercenary anecdote. Because of the mother's discomfort, Raina expressed her desire to learn about her part of the story at Sergius, hoping to shock his wrong etiquette. When Raina leaves, Louka entered the Swiss officer at the entrance and announced. Captain Brunsli, a soldier of chocolate cream, returned to the coat that was used to smuggle him outside the house. When Katherine tried to drive him out, Major Petkov admitted him at peace talks, got warmly and asked him to help with the adjustment of the Bulgarian army. Lina looked at him in the hallway and begged it to be a soldier of chocolate cream. Thinking quickly, she explained to her father and fiancée that she made a soldier shaped chocolate cream decoration, but Nikolai crushed it awkwardly

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