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Arms and the Man

Weapons and people in the drama "Weapons and People", Bernard Shaw, the main Sergi Saranov are definitely one of the most round characters. Sergius has many different features that allow him to stand out from other play. His military experience has accumulated much of these qualities; from his uniforms and his rough face, this military background is obvious. Major Saranov is a very important player in the theater industry because he is engaged in Linna, the only child of Petkov, the wealthiest family in Bulgaria and his highly respected military position.

Analysis of George Bernard 's arms and men' s arms and men started with a shooting in a dark street in a small town. Raina is about to begin her reality adventure and is trying to avoid the handsome fugitive Bluntschli, the enemy of her handsome fiance Sergius as she is. The background of this drama is in Bulgaria devastated by war and is involved not only in the romantic relationship between young people but also in atrocities. Many people think that James whale is a classic, as it is still being seen after 70 years. Kenneth Branagh's "Frankenstein of Mary Shelley" is still too modern to be considered classic, but I think that it will be regarded as one of the best "Frankenstein" adaptations in the coming years. I think that "Frankenstein" has been improved with the development of technology, and to some extent it is a kind of movie that enables better special effects. The Kenneth Brana version is more attentive to details, I prefer the depiction of his Victor.

His more dramatic "Pygmalion" by George Bernard Shaw and his movie version "My Fair Lady". Is there a more effective work of art, and why? Use quotation marks

Shaw's Arms and the Man is a comedy titled from the opening comment at the beginning of Virgil's Aeneid: "Arma virumque canto" (a weapon and the man I sing). The play of the show frequently points to the value-free of hypocrisy and Victorian values, and weapons and humans are no exception. The ironic goal is to think that war is "glorious" or "aristocrat". The play took place during the Serb Bulgarian war in 1885. Her heroine Raina is a Bulgarian young woman who is engaged in heroes in this war and is ideal. One night a Swiss volunteer rushed to the Serbian Army, rushed into her bedroom and asked her to hide him so that he will not be killed. She thought that he was a coward, but when she told her he brought chocolate, not a liner cartridge, she followed it. During the play, Lyna began to realize the hollowness of her romantic idea, the values ​​of her fiancee, and the true elegance of "chocolate cream soldiers".

"Weapons and Men" is a romantic comedy of three works by George Bernard Shaw, which was produced in 1894 and published in 1898. The drama settled in the house of Petkov in Bulgaria, enjoying the romantic idea of ​​war and heroism. A fierce battle officer, a Swiss mercenary fighting for the Serbian army, evacuated to Raina Petkoff's bedroom where she agreed to hide him. Following his explanation of the actual war, he initially laughed at the weakness of the intruder, but eventually exposed her fiancé, Sergis' heroism, who highly appreciated his honesty. After a while, the officer's captain Brunshuri returned after a while. At the end of the script, Sergius promised to Maid Louka her fiancée Nicolai has abandoned her request, and Raina was engaged in Bluntschli just inherited many Swiss hotels. The title of the play is taken from the first line of Virgil's epic "Aneid".

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