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Writing a Master's thesis defense is different from other research papers. It is far more complex and comprehensive and requires more profound research.

This assignment can be really daunting for students, and thus, it is recommended that they get professional Ms. thesis writing help.

If you are confused and caught up with your thesis, master’s, or graduate program, we are here to help you with it. MyPerfectWords.com is an expert writing service that provides writing aid to students in need. We make sure that you get a brilliant thesis that will help you score better.

What is a Thesis?

A thesis is a form of a research paper written for a higher education level such as a postgraduate level. It is a form of research paper that is mandatory to provide for the completion of the degree.

Writing a thesis can be a challenging business as it requires a writer to provide in-depth research on the topic using different methods to collect and represent data. A thesis’s strength is based on its originality that comes from the credibility of the sources and the research’s authenticity.

A thesis can be of any type, but the most common type assigned to students is an argumentative thesis. Here, the students argue on a topic to describe their stance.

How Long is a Master's Thesis?

A master’s thesis is usually 40 to 80 pages long, excluding the bibliography section. However, the length of the thesis varies according to the subject and research methodology. Therefore, it is suggested to read and understand the guidelines provided to know the actual length of the thesis to be provided.

Difference Between Thesis and a Dissertation

Students often use the term dissertation and thesis interchangeably. In reality, these terms hold a different meaning from each other.

A thesis is a final project that a master’s degree requires. Also, for a thesis, the research is based on secondary information. This paper usually takes up to 100 pages.

In contrast to this, a dissertation is an in-depth research scholarly paper assigned to doctoral students specifically. For the dissertation, the research includes raw and first-hand information. The length of a dissertation is twice longer than a thesis.

How Do You Write a Thesis in MS?

Follow the steps mentioned below while writing a thesis in Ms.

  • Choose a Topic

    The first thing to do is to come up with MS thesis topics to conduct your research on. It will direct you towards your stance and the main argument on which your thesis will be built.

  • Look for Sources

    Once you have a topic in hand, look for credible sources of information to gather data for your thesis. Look for information that you think will best support your stance and argument. Take help from books, academic journals, papers, etc.

  • Gather Opposing Arguments

    Unlike other assignments, a thesis requires opposing views and arguments to be presented in its content. Gather those arguments as well to make your thesis even more detailed and strong.

  • Prepare a Reference List

    Keeping track of all the references used is essential for the thesis. In the bibliography section of the thesis, citation and referencing are done to make your content original and reliable.

  • Understand the Prompt

    Understanding the prompt and guidelines helps draft a good thesis. Once you know what your instructor is looking for in your assignment, it gets easier to identify the research’s purpose and the thesis’s requirements.

  • Purpose and Significance

    Provide the purpose and significance of the topic you selected to write your thesis. Make sure just to identify the purpose and not give away the main research points in this step.

  • Introduction

    Give an introduction to the topic by providing background and relevant information. This overview of the topic is presented to make your thesis committee familiar with the topic and the main stance.

    A thesis statement is also provided in the introduction section. To make your thesis strong, draft an arguable and firm thesis statement. It is the most important part of your paper as it lays the foundation for your research and thesis. The stronger the foundation, the stronger will be the impact and content of the thesis.

  • Literature Review

    After writing the introduction of your thesis, write a literature review. This will be the analysis and limitations of the previous research conducted on your topic. Provide an explanation of the research and the methods previously used to discuss the topic.

  • Research Methodology

    In this section, explain the type of research you conducted to draft your paper. Explain whether you are going with qualitative or quantitative research for your topic and provide reasoning. The research type depends on the subject of the field.

    For scientific and humanities research, the research types will differ from each other, so choose accordingly.

  • Findings and Results

    After discussing the methodologies, talk about the research results. The research result will be presented keeping in mind the hypothesis and the thesis statement. Explain if your hypothesis has been proved or not.

  • Discussion

    Here the results obtained from the research and its findings are presented in detail. In this part, if your hypothesis is proven wrong, present the reasons and explanations for why the results are different.

  • Conclusion

    The conclusion section of the thesis ties all the discussion together. Here the writer concludes his point and provides the final verdict about the paper. In other words, a conclusion is a closure you give to your thesis.

    This section is drafted by restating the thesis statement and summarizing the major points in the research and paper briefly. To make your conclusion, stand out, provide broader implications on the topic.

  • Research Limitations

    If your research faced any limitation, state it in this part of the thesis. Not every research meets the level of expectation and has glitches in it. Some of the most common research limitations include lack of time, finance, subjects, and data.

    Provide the limitations you faced and propose ways that further researches will use to refine their study.

  • Referencing

    All the sources you used to gather information are listed down in the reference section. This is to ensure that you did not plagiarize the work and provide credibility to you and your paper. The referencing is done according to the format chosen or instructed.

  • Bibliography

    The last part of the thesis paper is the bibliography, where all the citation is done. It is more extensive than the reference list you provided before.

Expert MS Thesis Writing Tips

The following are some expert tips for you to write an exceptional MS thesis.

  • Consult with scholarly sources to see how thesis papers are drafted.
  • Structure your thesis by following the outline and dividing the information into sections, such as introduction, literature review, main body, conclusion, and bibliography.
  • Choose an interesting topic that provides room for you to explore
  • Give enough time to the writing process of the thesis paper
  • Proofread several times to make the thesis perfect.

Why is it Better to Get Help from an Essay Writing Service?

Writing an MS thesis needs a lot of work to be done. It involves choosing a perfect topic, conducting in-depth research and study, gathering and assembling data, and the whole writing process.

Getting assistance from a grad school essay writing service becomes necessary for drafting a thesis if you are an amateur and writing it for the first time as you can not risk your degree and future. Expert ssay writer knows exactly how to gather information and present it formally, which is required by the committee.

The great challenge is not to find a credible service for assistance that will provide quality work without plagiarism. MyPerfectWords.com is a professional essay writing service that assists students in getting all their academic assignments done correctly.

You will get a perfectly written thesis by qualified and experienced writers to defend and prove your research question by choosing us.

Why Choose MyPerfectWords.com for Your MS Thesis?

Whether you are looking for assignments for an undergraduate-level or master’s degree, we provide all types of assignments for all levels and fields.

The writing services that MyPerfectWords.com offer includes:

  • Research Papers
  • Term papers
  • Thesis
  • Doctoral dissertation
  • Essays
  • College Essays
  • Personal statement
  • Book Reviews
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  • Custom writing services

Getting our services will guarantee you academic success. Whether you are a graduate student striving to nail the master’s program or just a college student looking for college assignments, we have your back. We provide a top-notch undergraduate essay writing service as well as dissertation writing services to PhD students.

Still wondering why to get our help? Here is why you should get your MS thesis from MyPerfectWords.com

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So to place your order, follow the simple and easy procedure:

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Order now and get a brilliant thesis for your MS at the most affordable rates.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a thesis in MS?

A thesis in MS is a long, in-depth, researched scholarly paper written to complete the master’s degree program. In most graduate schools, this paper is asked to be submitted to analyze the practical skills of a student.

Should I do a thesis for my Masters?

Yes, you should do a thesis for your master’s if you want to pursue your academic career in research and development. However, if you wish to pursue your career in the applied or industrial field, a non-thesis master’s degree will be advantageous.

Is writing a thesis hard?

Yes, writing a thesis is a very challenging task because it includes:

  • Extensive and in-depth research of the subject
  • Identifying research methodologies to be used
  • Formation and analysis of the hypothesis
  • Gathering of research results
  • Discussing the findings
  • Concluding the thesis
  • Limitations in the research
  • Formation of bibliography

How do you start a thesis paper?

Following is the step by step process to start your thesis paper:

  • Select a topic for your thesis
  • Look for credible sources from where the information will be taken
  • Gather opposing arguments and views
  • Understand the prompt
  • Draft an Introduction
  • Write a literature review
  • Provide research methodologies

How do you finish a thesis quickly?

To write a thesis in a short time, follow the tips given below:

  • Understand the requirements of your thesis
  • Have a vivid perspective on the topic
  • Write the introduction at the end
  • Use project management apps and tools
  • Answer all the research questions
  • Work according to the outline

How many pages should a thesis proposal be?

A basic thesis proposal is 10 to 20 pages long. Depending on the subject and research methodology used, a thesis paper can take up to 100 pages, excluding the bibliography section.

How long does a thesis take to write?

It usually takes 12 to 18 months to write a good thesis paper. However, this duration highly depends on the research subject and the methodologies used.

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