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Wondering how to wrap up your academic writing tasks and manage them effectively? Working on assignments like college essays, literature reviews and research papers can be quite daunting especially if you’re trying to multitask and are short on time. It might be challenging to create top quality drafts for all your assignments especially if the requirements are rather abstruse and comprehensive.

A reliable and established online writing service like My Perfect Words (MPW) is your premium destination to get the best writing support to meet your academic needs. Most students often worry about having to spend too much money and time on their assignments but with our trusted writing assistance services you do not need to fret about overspending or submitting a paper late. We provide cheap research papers to our student clients that reflect conspicuous content, impressive writing flair and strong intellectual ability.

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Types Of Academic Writing Services

Aside from the most impressive and cheap research papers, we also offer the following types of Academic assignments & services at inexpensive rates:

  • Book reports
  • College essays
  • Essay writing service
  • Custom essays
  • Literature reviews
  • Thesis & Dissertation
  • Term papers
  • Admissions Statement

A custom research paper written by our qualified authors has the right mix of ingredients to impress your instructor and showcase your academic potential with the highest efficacy. Our writers go an extra mile to customize your assignments according to your preferences and academic requirements. We have been delivering top quality content for our student clients and they have been highly pleased with our delivered services.

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Research Paper Vs Research Proposal

A Research Paper can be a standalone academic paper or part of a Master’s thesis or a Doctoral dissertation. It is usually used to evaluate a student’s academic knowledge and understanding of a certain concept or theory. It includes a thorough research on the chosen subject, the writer’s interpretation of the subject and analysis of the topic in detail to demonstrate lucid understanding.

A Research proposal conversely is a persuasive write up to convince the reader of the feasibility of the research project. It aims at explaining how initiating study & research on a certain theme is valuable and productive, providing a substantial solution to an existing problem or issue. It is more like a sales pitch for your finished academic assignment.

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How To Write A Good Research paper?

Use the following tips to write an impressive research paper for your academic assignment.

  • Start by picking an interesting theme or topic that will pique your reader’s interest
  • Brainstorm ideas and conduct a thorough research to dig up relevant paradigms, arguments and supporting evidence
  • Create an Outline for your paper to organize your ideas and arguments better
  • Draft a Thesis Statement to highlight your specific stance, the core point of your paper, the need for the research study and how you plan on proving your specific perspective on the chosen theme.
  • The Structure should ideally include an intro, a body with 3-4 paragraphs each depicting a unique idea/argument and a conclusive section that reiterates your thesis and your understanding of the subject being discussed.

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The Research Process For Your Paper

Make sure you research your paper well. Keep the following pointers in mind when drafting your paper.

  • understanding your paper theme
  • conceptualizing & organizing ideas for your assignment
  • creating a strong thesis statement
  • presenting your subject with authority and compelling content

    Some of the authentic sources you may use include:

  • Online encyclopedias, libraries and databases
  • Books and Journals
  • Newspapers, Blogs, Influencer publications
  • Google Scholar
  • Government periodicals, tutorials and reports

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Checklist For Revising Your Research Paper Draft

Once you’re done writing your research paper draft, move on to revising and proofreading it to ensure conformity to defined standards of academic excellence & your adhoc assignment requirements. Give yourself ample time to make the necessary edits and perfect your research paper for an indelible impact. It’s not just about identifying spell errors, fixing typos or formatting a paragraph. You need to check the composition to ensure it’s read-worthy and unique. Use the following checklist to edit it for the perfect impression:

  • Is the thesis statement in your research paper lucid and concise?
  • Are the ideas well-organized in a coherent flow from beginning to end with logical transitioning within paragraphs?
  • Does each paragraph explain a unique idea or concept while manifesting logical reasoning and maintaining coherence?
  • Have you provided strong supporting evidence, concrete justifications and facts while steering clear of any generalizations?
  • Does the evidence support your arguments and provide a strong justification for your thesis?
  • Are there any redundancies or ambiguities within your presented content?
  • Have you cited all resources properly with a proper reference list at the end and a bibliography?
  • Have you run the paper through a plagiarism detection software?

Verbiage Check

Here’s a checklist for proofreading and revising your research paper draft for verbiage, sentence structure and proper paragraphing:

  • Have you included impactful phrases and words to highlight vital concepts?
  • Is the language clear? Does it promote readability and easy comprehension?
  • Is the sentence structure smooth with proper flow? You might want to read your paper out loud to identify any syntax errors.
  • Does the sentence contain any filler expressions or words?
  • Have you thoroughly checked for spelling, punctuation and grammar issues?

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