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Thesis Introduction: Step by Step Guide With Examples

Thesis Introduction: Step by Step Guide With Examples

A thesis introduction narrows down a broad subject and directs its focus to a specific point. It is a mind map that highlights a thesis’ main idea and set the stage for the writing process and the broader context of the research.

Here are some of the standard moves to help you write a good thesis introduction with helpful samples and tips.

1. Writing A Thesis

Many students fear writing lengthy papers and, therefore, writing a complete thesis is quote difficult for them. A thesis is not a question, it is not a topic nor an opinion or a fact. A thesis is part of a student's research. It explains the chosen topic by using existing information and adding the student's research to it.

Writing a thesis is not an easy task for many students. It requires expert writing and research skills that many of them may not have.

Here's a complete guide to help you learn the essentials of how to write an A-grade thesis introduction.

2. Why Is Thesis Introduction Important?

Thinking why does your teacher stress over a well-written thesis introduction?

A well-composed thesis introduction is important because as the first paragraph, it tells the reader about the main theme of the thesis. It highlights the writers writing styles, claims, main argument, and the supporting points.

Also, your introduction is the first thing that the reader is going to read. It should be interesting and engaging.

Continue reading the blog to know more about writing a thesis introduction.

3. How To Start A Thesis Introduction?

Planning your introduction is an important task. You need to research and collect credible and in-depth resources for your research. However, you need to do all this before you start writing the thesis.

Following are some steps to help you start your thesis and prepare your introduction chapter.

Target Audience

Before starting, you should know the kind of audience that you are addressing. Since it is a research paper, the work techniques, processes and the literature reviewed, all should be introduced in the introduction of the thesis. The explanation should be according to your target audience.

Easy to Skim

The thesis introduction shall be of the sort that defines the subject and the relevant themes. It should be easy to skim and with the aim that the reader gets a complete idea by going through it.


The presentation of the ideas, main arguments, and the claims are important for a strong thesis introduction. It should be a compilation of the hierarchy and ideas that are described in the thesis statement.

Be Precise

The text of any introduction should never be in the first person. Do not add irrelevant details and be precise about the text by using accurate vocabulary and grammar.

Give Credit

If you are defining your subject or stating the background from an existing piece of work or study, make sure you cite them accurately. Be vigilant about citing your work and recheck them for accuracy.


The last step is to draft the introduction and check for errors. It is a good idea if you will check it in accordance with the rubric given above.

Thesis Outline Template (PDF)

Thesis Outline Template

4. How To Write A Thesis Introduction

Once you have prepared your introduction, now think about how to write a thesis introduction. Here's a step by step guide to help you with your introduction.

Pick A Topic

Start by introducing your topic and defining the background for the rest of your thesis. The topic should be well defined for the readers.

Back It

The topic should be backed with the resources that have been reviewed. Provide a literature review to solidify your claim.

Identify The Gap

The literature review and research articles help the researcher in finding and addressing the gap in the research. This gap identification helps them in writing a befitting introduction.

Significance of the Current Research

The gap leads to explaining the significance of the current research and evaluate the situation.

Represents Research Question

Here at this point, you need to compose your research problem and the question.

State The Goals Of The Research

State the research aims and objectives, define the research questions and the purpose of the research. You should tell the reader what the research is going to achieve.

State The Hypothesis

Formulate a hypothesis about what you aim to achieve and the possibilities.

Create An Outline

Organize the ideas and compile them into an outline. Also, include a table of contents in the beginning of your thesis.


The last step is to define the terms and methodology you are going to apply for your research and the way it is going to make the research authentic and useful.

5. Elements Of A Thesis Introduction

Here are some of the elements of a thesis introduction.


A good introduction of the thesis is always backed by sufficient background that shows the current position of the subject.

Defined Goal

Add the purpose of your paper such as why the research was done and how will it be explained. An introduction does not repeat an abstract.

Literature Review

Your introduction is a mix of the literature and previous researches. It explains the context and significance of the previous studies. It also includes acknowledgment of the sources.

Thesis Question

An introduction always revolves around the research questions. The cited works are always related and relevant to the research purpose. The introduction does not summarize each and every literature you have reviewed.

Scope And Importance

The introduction is the crux of the thesis. It demonstrates and contains, what will and what will not be included in the thesis.

Table Of Contents

The most important content of the research paper is the table of contents. It is the primary element of the introduction as it provides a mind map to the thesis.

An Approach Towards Your Research

The introduction defines the direction and purpose. It helps the reader determine which approach the writer is going to take towards the issue.


The content of the thesis introduction should include original and plagiarism free content.

Writing introduction can be very challenging at times. Here is a sample thesis introduction paragraph to help you compose perfect thesis introductions.

Thesis Introduction Example (PDF)

Thesis Introduction Example

6. Tips for Writing

Here are some of the tips to help you grant perfect thesis introductions.


The thesis introduction requires you to identify and define your parameters of research. The topic usually defines the territory for the thesis introduction and its terms and scope.


Establish a niche by narrowing the claims and the subjects you will be discussing in your thesis body. This is done to show that the current research is for further exploration.


The background information is essential and gives the thesis a foundation. It is usually defined and cited in the first paragraph.

Introduces the Research

The introduction introduces your current research by creating a hypothesis and stating the research questions.

Getting Writing Help

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How to Write a Thesis

How to Write a Thesis

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