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Top 10 Tips to Write a Perfect Argumentative Essay

Top 10 Tips to Write a Perfect Argumentative Essay

What is an argumentative essay?

Whether we like it or not, arguments will always be a part of our lives — be it in high school, public school, middle school, college, university, or at home.

Being able to “argue well” means maximizing the power of persuasion.This is the very reason why writing an argumentative essay entails understanding the meaning of the persuasive mode of writing.

Unlike with descriptive, narrative, and expository essays, a writer’s main goal when penning argumentative essays is to express their opinion on a debatable issue and attempt to convince others to agree with them.

To help you understand more, it’s best to learn about the important elements of an opinion essay and the best opinion essay topics to cover for your next persuasive writing project (inside or outside your educational system).

Express opinion on a debatable issue


What Makes an A+ Argumentative Essay?

For most of the students, Argumentative essay is one of the most challenging types of essays to write. Hop on to 5 Types of Academic Essays Students Need to Master and learn why is argumentative essay crucial for the learning of the students.

It requires a deep understanding of the topic and ample knowledge about four essential components that are necessary for such a writing project.

Do you not know how to write a perfect argumentative essay? Want to know what makes a good argument?

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In order to merit an A+ grade for your opinion essay, you should have:

A debatable and defendable topic

Choosing a topic is the first step in writing any type of essay, but it plays a more critical role in opinion essays. This is because the topic will determine how compelling an article will turn out to be and how well you, as the author, can defend your argument.

Critical role in opinion essays


Before you decide on an issue to write about, you should remember that it must have two or more opposing sides. Otherwise, there’s no point in arguing about it.

This means that you should steer clear of topics like whether humans can walk on two legs or whether the sun rises from the east and sets in the west since such issues are already established as factual and no (rational) person would dare argue otherwise.

Your topic should also be defendable, which means there should be enough irrefutable evidence for you to use to support your argument.

Support your argument


Since your goal is to convince your readers to agree with you, providing authoritative proof like studies and research from informed experts in your essay will help win over your audience. Here are a few ideas for argumentative essay topics:

  • Impacts of social media on our lives: Good or bad?
  • Are social networks changing the fate of the technology or not?
  • Modern educational policies better for school students or not?
  • Bungee jumping: Deciding through experience I agree to do it again or not?
  • Pros and Cons of Mobile Networking
  • Economy of the United States of America Vs. United Kingdom
Topics have a significant impact


One of the most important elements of a good opinion essay is a debatable and defendable topic. Since it can make or break your argument, topics have a significant impact on how compelling your essays can become and how well you can deliver it.

To help you out, here are three things you can try while choosing a good argumentative essay topic for your essay and learn how to write better essays:

Start with your interest

Writing about something that you are interested in and have ample knowledge of can help you write your essay better. This can also help you present and support your thesis more clearly.

Try something new


Steer clear of emotionally charged topics

Writer’s emotions about a certain topic are often reflected in his written output. While this may sometimes be a good thing, emotions sometimes cloud a writer’s judgment and cause him to fail in making readers agree with him.

Avoid topics to write that incite a strong emotional response from you so that you can be sure to deliver clearer and more evidence-backed points.

Goal setting


Go for controversy

A good opinion essay topic should incite a reaction from the readers. With that said, it is better to go for a more controversial, thought-provoking topic than more “common” ones that everyone else is writing about. This will help you stand out from the crowd and win over the readers before they even start diving into your essay.

Go for controversy


An interesting introduction

Aside from the title, an essay’s introduction will determine whether the audience will continue reading.

Well essay organization and more importantly a good introduction piques the readers’ interest while introducing the topic concisely.

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Some popular ways of starting opinion essays are by using a quote, an anecdote, surprising statistics, and a striking question.

Want to know more about what can make your essay more interesting?

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A strong thesis

When preparing an outline for an opinion essay, you are expected to write your thesis statement. Composed of a single and straightforward sentence, this statement covers your position in the debate and summarizes the point you are attempting to establish in the write-up.

Since it is a statement that the human mind should be able to argue against, your thesis cannot be a fact. To make writing a thesis statement easier, you should change the topic into question form before crafting the sentence out of it.

A strong thesis


Evidence to support your stance or opinion

If you want to learn how to develop an argument in essay then remember! Evidence serves as the meat of your opinion essay, so make sure to gather as much information as you can.

To make a strong argument, your opinion essay should assess the most powerful points of your side as well as the “other” side. This is so that you can shoot down the opposing side as well as defend yours.

Evidence to support your stance or opinion


Perfect Grammar

Even if you are extraordinary in creative writing, if your grammar and punctuation skills are poor, you are doomed.

Make sure you are good at grammar and punctuation before you start writing. Even if you are not, you can take the help of your teachers, parents, friends, or anyone you know who is good at grammar.

Perfect Grammar


Remember! It is an unforgivable sin in any kind of essay writing if you write without giving attention to your grammar. It gives teachers a very wrong impression of your personality and academic abilities.

Proofread and edit

Look for the grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure mistakes and fix them. Remove unnecessary details and add the most appropriate information.

Never in a million years even think of submitting your essay without editing and proofreading.

Even if you are a top-notch expert in writing and language, there are great chances that your eyes may skip a typo, grammatical, punctuation, or sentence structure error.

Such errors are unforgivable in the eyes of professor, and you will end up with a horrible grade instead.

You don’t want that, do you?

Make sure you always edit and proofread your essay before submitting it.

Proofread and edit


Ask others to review

Once you have written your opinion essay edit and proofread it, your work is still not done.

Give your essay to your parents, teachers, or fellow students who know how to develop an argument in an essay, for a fresh read and ask them to point out mistakes and tell you if there is any room for improvement.

Ask two or more people; this way, you will get multiple ideas on how you can improve your opinion essay, as well as more mistakes will be highlighted, and your essay will be entirely error-free.

Ask others to review


Practice as much as you can

You have heard a thousand times that practice makes a man perfect, right?

It is not a made up lie or a myth. It is true for sure.

The more you will practice writing on a defendable and debatable topic, the more your skills will be polished, and you’ll start learning better and better every single day about how to write a perfect argumentative essay .

If you practice a lot, you will witness it yourself that your grammar, punctuation, and sense of styling sentences, getting better and better.

Practice as much as you can


Enhance your vocabulary

Remember! Your choice of words will always matter while you are writing!

Make sure you choose your words wisely, which hook the readers instantly and cast an amazing impression.

For that, you need to enhance your vocabulary by reading a lot and memorizing words and phrases. This will help you master the art of pouring the right words at the right spot.

Enhance your vocabulary


Never give up

If you ever find yourself dwelling in the cloud of ambiguities, fighting with writer’s block, or feeling way too much pressurized to write even a single word, just relax! Your troubles can go away in single twitch.

How? First of all, never ever think of losing hope that you are going to do bad in your argumentative essay. Remember! It is not impossible for you to learn how to write better essays.

Set you time free


If you want to learn how to develop an argument in essay then it demands creativity, strong choice of words and inventiveness, which is certainly not everyone’s cup of tea, but it is not impossible to overcome this mountain.

You can start writing roughly for a while. Write broken and senseless sentences, make phrases of your own even though they do not make any sense, this way you’ll overcome writer’s block.

Moreover, set your mind free, relax, exercise, dance, do whatever makes you happy. You’ll witness that out of the blue words will find a way to you.

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A Final Word

Writing essays can be daunting if you don’t know how to incorporate the most important elements of the piece.

Make sure to win your readers over every time by delivering the most compelling argumentative paper, using this article as a guide.

Do you still think writing an opinion essay is not your cup of tea? Are you still confused that how you are going to write a perfect argumentative essay?

Don’t worry! It is completely understandable as not everyone is capable of writing in strict and suffocating deadlines.

Never give up


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